Monday, 5 January 2015

Orchestra emitting music and something more that we fail to see……

It is the harmony in between the noise produced by the musical equipment, which becomes soothing for our ears to listen to as music. And when there is disharmony it becomes a cacophony. Each player in a band or an orchestra should not try to out sound the other but try to be in harmony with others for a great music to be produced.

The low pitch sound of the bass guitar with good sync with the drum would even make a man with two left foot break into a dance. I always wanted to learn how to play a bass guitar but ended up learning lead and rhythms and before I could master that I have out grown the interest in that, just as a kid outgrows his interest in eating candies.

In an orchestra we should not only like the soothing sound produced by the various equipment but also appreciate the coordination and synchronization of the each player with the others never trying to out shine the other. 

If such orchestration is set in the governance, institution and any organization the onlookers and the audience would not only enjoy the music produced thus, but appreciate each player for not trying to outshine the other. It is saddening for the audience to hear cacophony instead of music due to some unruly players. Before the pandemonium break loose, the maestro or the bandmaster should take control.

When I watch the world cup footballs the players there play football like they are the member of an orchestra, none trying to outshine the other. Back home I need not say much, for I too played football and the passes we give and the passes we get are out of desperation otherwise we would love to ‘Rambo’ on the ground.

Be it games, music, work, anything it is imperative for us to remember that we are but a part of a big orchestra, and should not try to spoil the music by our off key stroke. It is very easy to make bad sound and spoil the show. Singer with good voice would be of no use if the musicians feel funny or if there is no harmony on the stage among the players.

Even in governance if there is no harmony between the various arms of the government, it would be hard to execute the best laid plans. It is like and mythological animal having lots of heads with one body and one of the head taking poison to kill itself. Earlier we realize that better it would be for us to save the mythological animal.