Monday, 5 January 2015

Judgment based on scanty information.

“I go to office walking. I have never driven my car to office for last 10 years to my work place.”

This statement would bring appreciation for some of you who understand the importance of: physical exercise, preservation of the environment, reducing pollution, global warming, etc;   but who do not know me where I dwell and work and by those who always had to drive to the office or who might have to take a ride in public transport would say “wow! That’s great”. And for some of you the feeling would be ‘why is he showing off here! Who cares!’

For those friends who about know me, where I stay and the distance between my residence and the office would take is as a joke, and crude one at that. That is because I stay just around 180 steps away from my office. It becomes imperative for us to know the true picture and the wider background of the situation before we make our judgment.

Sometimes we come across a very arrogant looking person and commit our judgment and try to match his arrogance. But later when we know the person intimately it may turn out that there is no person so kind and generous like him; we may deny and forget the fact about the initial judgment but who would know other than yourself what goes on in your mind. And the virtual friends that I prefer to call ‘e  friends’ are even harder to make out because the profile pictures may be a decade old or it may be heavily doctored or it could just be a fake. Through writings we could see the heart, for those of us who could read between the lines and beyond the endings.

It is on the archery field that one come across so many characters that the man kind could provide. Some very vocal, some not so vocal and some completely silent; some very proud, some very shy, and some timid; some real handsome, some not so good looking but thinks he is the best looking guy, and some just plain; some old, some middle age and some young. In the due course of the game, all end up being friends ‘until we meet again’ sort of friend. The favorite topic for the talk generally revolves around the fairer sex though.

Walking on the street we come across yet another verity of species and the thoughts of the men and the judgment they pass would reaffirm the Sigmund Freud’s theory.