Friday, 2 January 2015

Importance of King (Lesson from my son when he was 7 years old)

Every day we are taught different lessons, but we do not learn from it due to the fact that we tend to shut the door of the mind for so many things involve unlearning certain things after we graduate.  

When my son was six years old, I was trying to teach him a game of chess. After explaining all the legal moves that each stuff on the board can make and how the game will end if the king gets trapped/check mate. I also told him that others remaining or not would not matter much if the king was lost.

We arranged the chess board to begin the game. His king was not there! When I asked him why he is not putting the king he told me that he will play without the king. With the 7 year old boy the game could be played like that and besides he did not want to lose by having the king there.

Thus we began our game. The game was without strategy, there was no plan involved. There was total mayhem on the board. Whenever there is chance, be it pawn, castle, knight or queen it was killed and taken off the board.  The game of course was draw because only my king remained. The king without his subjects is not winning he reasoned.

Looking back at the game when there was no king on the board there was a catastrophic bloodshed and mayhem. Planning, strategy, law and order, discipline, etc all came into effect due to the presence of one chess piece in the center – the king.
Imagine the life before 1907 in Bhutan, when the center chess piece was not there.

It is the leadership that matters in everything - in a company, organization, university or industry. The performance of any organization depends on the type of leadership that is there at the apex. The organization or the country reflects the personality of the leader.

The simple act of playing a game of chess with an easily defeat-able opponent had opened my eyes more than any expert opponent. Had I stopped playing without the king, the realization of problems related with, not having leader, would not have dawned on me.

Above all for our country, our fore fathers have learned the bitter lesson of not having a King the harder way and not on the chess board; and unanimously appointed the first king in 1907 which solved all the problems and restored peace and prosperity.

Democracy having being ushered by the king himself, the people of Bhutan should not forget the importance of him being there, on the chess board, even with moves, as little as one step in all directions. Long live the king. 

Lucky are the one who have a king
Luckiest are the one who can have two at a time.