Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015 – To Whom It May Concern

People say ‘wisdom comes with age’ and if you want more wisdom without aging the reading is the best option, through reading to gain second hand experience and experience makes the one wiser.

In 2015 I did not bother to send sms or even to call my friends and families to wish Happy New Year, not because I cared less but I have posted the wishes on my time line in Facebook and in moment in wechat. It is for all of them to see. How evilly advanced? It is like sending a letter “To whom it may concern”; due to technological advancement the personal touch is diminishing or already diminished.

When there were no telephone or mobile, people have to go personally to their house to wish them a Happy New Year over a cup of tea or ara or coffee.

When the Telephone came, people have to either memorize the numbers or maintain a directory of one’s close friends and families. From that dairy the numbers were laid in front and called one by one to wish all a ‘happy new year’ or “losar”. The wishes are different for different person that is being wished because when you talk the content changes according to the situation but crux remains the same i.e. to wish ‘happy new year’. Such occasions also gives opportunity and an excuse to call each other.

When Mobile service came, the requirement for memorizing/knowing the numbers of near and dear ones became obsolete for it can be stored in the hand set. To wish happy New Year you just have to type one text message and send to all. Finish! Same copy to all in the contact list.  

Now with social media we do not do even that. Just write it on the wall/timeline if it is in FB or send it in the moment if it is in wechat, yeah, To Whom It May Concern. I did just that and I regret for not calling or texting. ‘If you can’t change the world change yourself’. The over exposure of each other in the social media makes one feel that our friends are just there, the feeling of wanting to meet and missing each other is virtually, virtually made void.

Expanding numbers of friends and over exposure for just being online and making the ‘green dot’ beside your name visible, takes away the quality and feelings involved in friendship. So that is what development is, huh?