Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Gaupay high school

This institution had twin names
Officially known as Paro High School
Intimately known as Gaupay High school

With a wonderful view of the Paro town
Not too close to the city
With constant reminder of impermanence form the crematorium nearby

So many lessons we have learnt there
Besides knowledge from the book
The value of food being subtly taught

That the penlop in history book
Meant totally different amongst the friends
The life skills learnt without being assessed

Friendship made in that institution
Lasting for a life time
Bonded by the penury and hard life faced together

Where a 'pure rice' menu
Was enough to draw the rush (even from girls)
Irrespective of the curry served

Where the canes and dusters
Fell more freely than the rain drops
On the heads of the naughty few

The only tap near the dining hall
Reminded me of the survival of the fittest
Rushing for a wash or a drink

Going there, to take a sip or two
Even when the thirst is not to strong
Near the tap, when girls are flogged 

The downgrading and shifting of the Gaupay
Brought sadness into the alumni heart
As if their ancestral village wiped clean

Visiting the school after a decade or so
Brought the noise and feelings alive
But the structure had the sad mark of age

Having crush with the senior girls
With the fear of facing the seniors wrath
The secret so openly kept

Having crush with the junior girls
With the show of pomp and fury
Ragging were seldom physical

For all my friends who had passed through the same channel
The Paro High School, Gaupay
Which exists on ground, with the name deleted

But if you visit the place again
The memories and the noise
Would still ring in your ears bringing tears to the eyes

This may be hard for your children/wife to comprehend
Only you would know it - why?
Such was the etching that the institution had done to your memory

Thanks to the social network FB
For allowing me to share my thought
An amateur writings but a heartfelt one