Saturday, 17 January 2015

Destiny and study

This is how students ponder
To go to study further

Some think I will start now
But they don not know how?

Some think I will study later
For absorption to better

Some think to study when the exam is near
As forgetting the lesson they fear

Thus they postpone
Until all the time are gone

When the exam is so close
There is time left only to browse

The distractions increased by the technology
Doesn’t help much in physics, chemistry or biology

The social network and the requirement of status updates
Fetches low marks in English, Dzongkha and maths

The future is decided in such a way  
Procrastinating and shying away

Either to go for government scholarship
Or on their parents or relative scholarship

The fault of their failure
They won’t accept as their failure

To make or break is in their hand
Others can’t elevate with a magic wand

Not everyone remains unemployed
It is for the few who enjoyed

That the government filters
If you have done well you will not falter

Remember that the destiny is made
And not predefined as fate

To make it or break it is in your hand
Better realize before the end

Had I known about it before
I would have been at the fore

The pupil still treading the path
Should try to take an oath

It is the path that we choose
Selects the future shoes