Friday, 2 January 2015

Crazy for‘Like’ in Facebook and Age (underage).

It is alarming to see that more and more youngster joining Facebook. The minimum age limit requirement of the Facebook while signing in can easily be tricked by giving false DoB.

I read all the articles here but I do not click the ‘like’ button unless it really impresses me, the ‘like’ button for me is like that of appreciation button. But of late after knowing, how some people especially the Facebook generations crave for ‘likes’ to boast and show off to the friends I started to be generous with clicking like button (am I getting infected too?). For those of you who do not care and get less likes, just keep in mind that it is a tip of an ice berg. There are many people who do not click ‘like’ button if they are not really impressed or who do not want to give out their presence here.

Another thing is the number of friends in the friend list. OMG some youngish looking cute girls and even boys have 4000+ friends. I don’t know how they deal with all of them, be it in chat or with notifications that they receive on their smart phone, just going through the notification would take whole day and if you are not going to go through it then why add them at all. If I have that many friends in my list, who do not care much about me, other than ogling at the pictures that I may post, I would not like it. Well that is what we may call a generation gap or the peer pressure. Having 1000 friends in the friend list means adding up strangers, and strangers can be dangerous.  

I tried a simple research by sending friend request to a complete stranger and it gets accepted immediately by the underage youngsters perhaps to build the numbers. Older people take time to accept; perhaps they go through the profiles. And the mature people do not accept it at all. The reason for having minimum age limit by the FB might be that; the moral responsibility of the FB ends there. The fake DoB and other such things are not checked.

 (My daughter has 6-7 more years to get her own profile in Facebook legally, but she is well conversant in usage of FB, from her mom’s profile. My reason for not allowing her is failing for most of her friends of same age and younger are having their own account. “Why not me?” say she. I only can only understand about the prowling predators and cyber bullies lurking around, looking for sweet chats and if that fails to torment psychologically. They get added in the friend list due to the peer pressure of having maximum ‘likes’ and to have maximum likes one need maximum friends in the friend list who might be waiting to pounce on you.)

Some might say it should be allowed with stricter observation and monitoring – what is more effective monitoring than sharing the profile with parents.

I may lose the argument with my children and cave in, if other parents keep allowing the underage child create the account in social media. It would become harder for me to give a suitable answer for “Why only me? All my friends are having”.