Saturday, 31 January 2015

Soldiers of Bhutan

They may be uneducated
They may be illiterate
But their knowledge
Of survival amazes me 

They are equipped with life skills
That cannot be taught in school or institutes
When you deal with them on ground
You will appreciate their knowledge so profound

In the jungles amongst many foliage
They know which to avoid and which to have  
Out of broad leaves a plate can be made
And a cup too holding water just as fine

Mushrooms, leaves and shrubs thus selected
Could taste as good as the food
A raised shelter out of branches erected
Can induce sleep without having to brood

Rain or shine, with their ingenuity
And profound knowledge
Could build fire in a jiffy
Keeping the wild animals at the edge

As I lay there tired, after a day long walk
Never failing to appreciate their dedication
As they scurry here and there with small talk
Individual efforts for the common action

Skillful and well disciplined people they are
Loyalty and dedication beyond compare
Ready to be led even to the peril of their life
Inducing pressure to care for them more

Feeling great to be born in this country
Feeling greater to have joined this profession
Feeling greatest to be serving together with these souls
My skill of writing this belittled by what they know

Serving directly under the supreme commander
For the greater good of people and the country
We mingle and eat from the same pantry
Interdependence making the bond stronger

Together we toil day and night
Never having a or holiday or day off
No tangible result to show off
But we stay alert for the fight

Whoever had made these men?
Must be looking down with satisfaction
Knowing his sacrifice and dedication
For the welfare fellow citizen