Monday, 29 December 2014

The Influence

The young mind can be changed or influenced by the things that they see and hear which may change their life forever. The movies play a great role in inspiring and influencing the young minds.

When the movie ‘Salaami’ was telecast in one of the Indian channel today the memories of me and couple of my friends wanting to join IMA came flooding back. The most part of the movie was shot in IMA depicting the life of a GC (gentleman cadet).

We realized a little too late that the things that the movie depicted was not true; by then we had already made the leap of fate and there is no turning back. There are no romancing and dancing around the trees and bushes.  

During the breaks, when the class mates who made the leap together, used to talking about the movie which influenced us at the right time when we were not able to decide where to go. We had a hearty laugh at our self for being so dumb in believing the fictitious movie, but that was when we were so tired and resting on a comfortable block of rock, with sweat dripping from the nose while looking down on the ground but exactly seeing nothing.

However, after passing out the life is not as bad as in the academy; when you are through the worst even worse and the bad tend to look good. When you have walked, I mean, ran 40 km a ride in a rusty ‘shaktiman’ without a cushioned seat is a God sent.

The seniors in the academy used to say “Bloody chap! You have not seen life” - whenever some green horns ask for a little comfort. After you have gone through the rigorous training, the meaning of the statement “seeing life” becomes clearer.

After seeing what life is nothing matters thereafter. And seeing life is the luxury offered to a few. We would remain ever grateful to the great institution and its faculties for showing what life is? But sadly it cannot be explained here, one had to go through to see what it is?

Not to forget the adage in Hindi “C*&%, boot aur recruit jeetna ragraw, utna hi achha” (something, boot and recruit – the more you rough handle the better it becomes.) Boot here, I think, refers to the military boot it becomes better with use. It becomes like a custom made for your foot after bearing with innumerable blisters and shoe bites, after that it just hugs your foot snugly, curving according to the curves of your feet.

‘Salaami’ ko Salaam, for making what I am today and many of my friends from Paro High School Gaupay; The movie mongers getting beaten up in the town by the principal himself….. Coming up next. Haha.