Thursday, 25 December 2014

Some Things are Better Left Unknown.

Many of us might have experienced the feeling of remorse and disgust after knowing some secrets. Until the time we did not know about the secret, it was just fine and there were no emotional turmoil being caused by the wrong doings or anything that the secret pertains. Some things are better left unknown for the mental peace and tranquility. It is rightly said that we require a friend and an enemy to hurt our feelings; the enemy to slander you and the friend to inform you. The friend who tells you about the enemy’s slandering are better avoided.

Without realizing even God kept a secret from us. Now you must be wondering what that secret must be? No one and no advancement in the field of science and technology could break that secret. It would be better left as a secret only, because if we know it, there will be no mental peace. And the secret that is kept from us is the exact time for us to kick the bucket.

The death is inevitable after birth that is known to all. But what keeps us going till the last day is because we do not know the answer for when? As If, in order to make it harder for us to guess the exact time by permutations and combinations, some people die very young, some live more than hundred years. Some die suddenly with a small wound, some live even after suffering a hideous gash. Some die suddenly in the sleep, while some pull on until relatives and families decides to pull the plugs.

This secret of God, for not letting us know the exact time of death makes, some of us live as if we would live forever, for some of us to live as if there is no tomorrow and for most of us to live without worrying much about (DLTGH) Days Left To Go Home. The home wherever it may be; this too has been kept secret from us, despite some religious people trying to guess it. Many religions believe that we have two places to go after our tenure here on the Earth – Up (heaven) or down (hell) depending on the type of services we have performed and the conducts here. 

If the secret of where we are going after death is known, beyond reasonable doubt that, it is a better place, so many of us would try to take early retirement from here to be there leaving this place empty. Therefore, it is better to be left unknown. Keeping it either “up” or “down” would make people mindful of their conduct here. Smart!

The exact date on which we would take the last breath, is the best kept secret to have our peace of mind. Even the most skeptics would agree to the rules of the game: that we will not get time extension, when our time is up on this planet and we will not be allowed to take anything from here no matter what we own and how much hardship we had undergone to own it.

How lucky we are for not knowing about the inevitable death, when it is going to happen? This makes us worry less about the time left before we take the eternal journey. Smart people are one who leads a simple life in religious institutions, but their numbers being less are getting slowly infected by the attitude of the common people as evident from what we see and hear.