Sunday, 28 December 2014

Of JLT – Just Like That.

I am sort of fond of this expression ‘Just like that’ (JLT). It can be an answer to so many questions. ‘Why are you smiling?’ ‘Just like that’. ‘Why are you going?’ ‘Just like that’ and so on. I have kept the title of my blog ‘Just like that’ for this reason. Why am I blogging? Oh, just like that.

But when we were in academy JLT has a different meaning. It means that anything that is not done putting in the whole effort. JLT drill – would mean that drill done without much effort. Oh, the movie was made JLT would mean that the movie is made without any theme or effort - just like that.

There are two categories for anything that can be done in academy. It is either ‘demo’ type or ‘just like that’ type. When asked about a functions or lectures that are conducted and if you missed it and ask your friend how the lecture was? The reply would be either demo or just like that. Demo type means it is too good and well, just like that, now you know it.

The ‘just like that’ the title of my blog however, does not mean the meaning that prevails in the academy. The meaning would be yeah, just like that, without any reason in particular. Whether the articles that I publish in my blog are JLT or demo type I leave it for the readers to judge. From my side I tried to write it demo type.

The liking of the individuals differs from individuals to individuals, and that is good for the peace of the society. If all the people like the same thing than there would be no peace on the planet. Imagine, all men loving only one type of girl, there will be war just like the war in Greek legend, the Trojan War was which was fought between the Greeks and the city of Troy because of beautiful girl called ‘Helen’. So the likings should be different, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ would come true only then.

Until then I will be writing just like that………………….