Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Development and Mindset of the People

When the country is developed the people are developed and their mindset is developed or is it the other way round; when the mindset of the people develops the country develops. Whatever it may be during my short stay in the developed country I have noticed that people out there were generally law abiding and seen caring for the wellbeing of the country and the world.

Without policing people are seen staying in queue in shopping complexes, ATMs, Stadiums, movie theaters, etc. they are even seen following the queue rules in eateries stalls. I was once standing the stall of the barbeque stall and appreciating the citizens who are so law abiding and no one trying to jump the queue. One man came behind me and asked that whether I am in queue. I said that I am not in queue and went little far from the lines of human that had been formed right next to me. What instills them this discipline? Is it due to education? What is going wrong back home?

Out here, if the queue is too long we book our place in the queue telling the man behind you and do not stay in the line. When the man behind, nears the counter the one who had booked the queue jumps in between the queue breaking the unwritten queue rules and there after the survival of the fittest begins. Even during the ‘wangs’, it is guaranteed that everyone will get the ‘wang’ but still people rush to receive it. Without proper policing and crowd control it would be impossible to deliver ‘wang’ also. It is quite saddening for those tourists and those people who have just returned from abroad to see such bestial behavior, perhaps this maybe the reason that attracts more tourists, to see their past here in our country.

The reason for breaking the rules maybe because of the unrealistic traffic sign posts that we see near the road sides. For example we often see “school ahead 10 Km/hr”, are you kidding me! Who drives at that speed? Even at the crowded road in Jaigaon driving at the snail pace if you see the milometer you will see that you are driving much above 10 km/hr. Similarly there are signs showing no left turn, but turning left is neither hazardous nor cumbersome and people not paying heed to those signs posted there. Once people get used to not paying heed to unrealistic signs they don’t pay heed to important signs too. 

(On Indian National Highway 152 nearing Nganglam one can see a sign 30 and circled, meaning 30km/h, and most of the vehicles zoom on that stretch at 90km/h – great insult to the sign posted there)

Should have been this.....
When I saw a sign post near the school in Australia I was shocked – it said “school ahead, speed limit 40km/hr”. That is a realistic speed limit. Most people may drive under 40km/hr making them law abiding and driving above that speed can be easily made out without the sophisticated speed guns.
It is felt that the people mentality needs to be improved in order to bring in changes in the country. But with close proximity to Indian state of Assam and West Bengal, I think it would be difficult, but not impossible. All we need to do is to improve together. 

Once I went to Jaigaon for official shopping I bargained, and when I was asking for a bill and the shop keeper before writing the bill he asked me how much should he put the price of the commodity that I bought. I was amazed by his question. It clearly indicates that I was not the first person shopping from there and what the past shoppers did with the bills. I told him to write the price that I am paying him and also gave him a short moral lecture. How can you trust the bills if it is made like this? It should be the responsibility of the shopkeeper to write what had been paid for.

With such mentality within and without, we have a long way to go. The picture painted in the eyes of the younger generations, that the - dishonesty pays - needs to be erased.