Tuesday, 4 November 2014

To Eat or not To Eat

I heard in Buddhism that there is one realm of hell known as yeeda, where the suffering involves not being able to eat despite having lots of delicacies around. Some Buddhist lamas also claim that all the realm of hell can be seen here on earth only.

The dinner was laid and the stuff laid looks yummy but I have to watch my weight, BMI (body mass index), blood pressure and so on related to eating habits and lifestyle. There are plenty to eat but one cannot eat, if that is not yeeda than what is it?

During our school days most of the years were spent on half stomach. The bulgur and the kharang were not appealing for the taste buds despite being hungry. The Australian rice that was tasty was never enough for the voracious teenagers.

Now that I earn and there is enough to eat but I have to restrain myself. The health experts say that it is better to skip the dinners or have it light. The urge to indulge and eat everything needs to be fought and forgo dinners or be engaged in eating boiled green vegetables. The taste for eating boiled stuff needs to be acquired and for me to acquire it may take a life time.

The thought of eating whatever is delicious and do workouts never works because the latter parts never gets done depositing a new layer of adipose tissue. And all delicious foods are fattening or contain lots of sugar.

During the official dinners and dinners at friend’s, when invited for birthdays and other celebrations, I can imagine myself being in the realm of hell - yeeda; the only difference being that here I do not eat on my own accord but there it is said that your throat being so thin you will not be able to swallow it. Whatever maybe the result is same and i.e. you are not eating.

Looking around I can see people with scantily filled plates just like mine. It looks classy but I know what is going on internally, fighting the urge to eat like pig. I envy those who make mountain on their plate and finishing it too.  They normally have the appetite and the size that commensurate to it.