Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Way of Giving

When my distant aunt visited me it was learnt that she was issueless and adopted a son. It was when she came to visit her son that she dropped by to my place. Upon asking whether her adopted son was of any help to her. She replied that she was not looking forward for being helped by her son, but if he stays good and be independent that would be enough for her.

I was really touched by her answer. There was no diplomacy and politics involved there. Her answer was genuine and from the heart. Such simple soul from the villages would have such magnanimous heart. (This is the reason which led me to write this).

She adopted a child not with the intention of getting something in return when she becomes old or with the intention of investing in the child. Such charity works without pomp and show offs brings tears in my eyes, easily. She had gone against the Bhutanese saying “Pha gay ba taa di bu so”. She had reared the child like her own without expecting anything in return. The child after becoming old enough left them and came to the town in search of job not heeding the request of his fosters parents to stay back home and look after the ancestral estate. And she had no hard feelings for that, instead she wants him to become independent and do well in the society.

If the love of the foster mother for her child can be that strong then we must realize that the love of our real mother would be immeasurable. It is seen that mothers love is taken for granted every time until they are no more.

This incident also makes me remember my neighbor – Joe and Wayne; they were in their sixties and issueless, but they were sponsoring a child in Africa. They showed me photographs of child from his birth till now. The child does not know where the money for him is coming from as there is no direct contact with the foster parents and the child. But the sponsor knows the child and keeps track of his growth and wellbeing.

I was told that, this is done basically to ease the child from a feeling of indebtedness and the urge to pay back to the sponsor. The idea of sponsoring like that is so selfless that it would take a great heart to do that. The motivation here is to give without expecting something in return. How many of us do that? Even if we pray to God we expect something in return, needless to say about other things.
Je Khempo (The Greatest Being)
But there are people who do that and it inspires one, meeting such people. During His Holiness Je Khempo’s visit here, I and couple of my friends wanted to have an audience, on the way we realized that none of us were carrying money that is required most of the time to be offered. Instead of us offering money to him, we got soelra (gift) of Nu.100 each from him. Great Beings! Not because we got 100 bucks but comparing to others………………