Thursday, 13 November 2014

The speech delivered by Honourable MP Biswajit Daimary the chief guest on the occasion of celebration of His Majesty’s the Fourth King’s 60TH Birthday at Nganglam.

I was really touched by the speech delivered by Honourable MP Biswajit Daimary the chief guest on the occasion of celebration of His Majesty’s the Fourth King’s 60TH Birthday at Nganglam. The speech was delivered in Hindi. I forgot to record it or did not bother to record it thinking that it would be like any other scripted speech, but I was wrong and now I have to reproduce his speech from my memory. It is not verbatim translation, but I tried to keep it as original as possible.

A man who recorded his speech could not transfer via blue tooth to me due to some technical hitch.

So from my memory the speech -……..
'Kuzungpo and Namaste to all of you here. Respected Dasho Dungpa, Drangpon, OC, commander of the Army and my brothers and sisters. It is too hot and sunny here so I will try to make my speech short.
'I m very grateful for the BIFA (Bhutan India Friendship Association) for asking me to come as chief guest for this auspicious occasion – that is the great fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuk’s Birth Aniversary. Regarding the achievements and the history Mr Dorji Norbu the MD of DCCL covered it all and I will not cover it.

'Your king Jigme Singye Wangchuk is a god in human form and I am really proud to say that. He had done what not to the country. He is one very selfless king that I have ever heard of since I was child. His selflessness can be seen by the fact that he has nothing to show proudly when I went to Thimphu like the kings of the olden days and the kings of other countries. They have huge palace and monuments built on the prime land and proudly shown to the visitors as the Mahal (palace) of the king. He has nothing of that sort there in Thimphu.

'The fact that he resigned at a very young age …. I will narrate an anecdote here..Incidentally I am the youngest member in the Indian parliament. In India the life as a politician begins from the age 60. Once a MP died and he was 70 years old. To my amazement the fellow members were telling that he died at a very young age. I said that he is not young and they told me that I will not understand this because I came to the parliament illegally meaning that I came to the parliament before 60 years of age. Here your magnanimous king abdicated the throne and handed over the kingdom to his son well before a prime age comparing to Indian politician. This action of his has brought lots of appreciation to the people abroad. He is indeed a god in human form I tell you again.

'His idea of GNH is too good to be true. What is required for a person to be happy? Has anyone realized that before? Now the whole world is behind this philosophy and trying to adopt it. The mentality of your king can be compared to that of gods. Even Jesus Christ, Mohammad and Buddha were human too. Because of their mentality and their selfless character people later worship them as god. I will not be surprised to see him worshipped later as god. With my interaction with the people of Bhutan by being near the border, I really appreciate and know about him as much as any Bhutanese do.

'The smiles that you people have on your face and the freedom to live according to your wishes without any problem is because of the king like him. Now that democracy had come in Bhutan I just pray that it will not be like India. I do not say democracy is not good but in India as you might be knowing it did not do that well. Anybody can become minister if he has the support of the public. There is no criterion of education like you have here in Bhutan. The constitution of Bhutan is yet another thing to be appreciated and the credit of drafting that goes to the king for he directed the drafters to go through all the constitution of the world and include the best points. It is very difficult to do the things in democracy… some great selfless leader may like to do things the right way but he will not be able to do that because there is lots of opposition. The politics is dirty. 

'When I went to Thimphu last time I did hear about the disgruntlement of the people about the rising tax and all. Yes the tax are bound to rise because you people have elected so many people as leaders and for them you have to pay good payment, build good house, give them drivers and cars. From where will the money come? It has to come from the tax. Before one man was doing all that and he had little wants for himself. In India some elected members amass lots of wealth once elected so that he makes his life after that. It is really bad but these things are a reality in a democracy. I am not telling all this to discourage you all but it is always good to be aware of things that could happen if you are not careful. I am sure that such things will never happen in Bhutan for the people here have a rich culture and tradition and above all you have wise kings.

'Democracy was there in India long time back – we were born in a democratic country and you people were here before the democracy came, Even than we could not achieve in terms of politics even a fraction of what u have already achieved.

'PM Modi is dynamic and trying to bring in some changes listening to 90% of the population rather than 2 to 3 % of the population at the cost of the country. We would be happy to be like Bhutan just around 10% of what Bhutan is.

'BIFA is good. The name is also good because in our language it means father. For our own father we call ‘AFFA’ and for others father we call ‘Bifa’. The bodo territory counsel surrounds almost all your southern border. So I think it would be better to have a friendship association with the bodo territory council. For example it is better to have good people to people relation for the Nganglampas with the people of Rangapani than those of Delhi. Today when there is problem what is happening is that the communication is routed through Delhi when there is problem in the borders and thus taking longer time. And what would people sitting in Delhi know about the ground realities. It would be better for us to have direct relation than routing through Delhi. After that the Assam govt may recognize our organization and there after the central govt. but I would tell you that BIFA is doing a good job. And it is initiated by your king. Your king wanted to have good relation with the neighbor always. He doesn’t mind whether the neighbor wants it or not but he wanted to have a good relation with the neighbor.

'I remember an incident when I was a small kid. My father was a Mahout (elephant handler) and we owned couple of elephants too. My father proudly narrated to me the time when he got opportunity to take king of Bhutan on the back of his elephant. I guess it must have been the third king. That time I did not realize the pride he had; now I understand more than anyone. It is in fact so fortunate for me that I am getting to narrate this story of my father on the occasion that is no less apt to the people of Bhutan.

'The people of Bhutan use to like the sticky rice that we grow in our village and I heard that this rice makes us lethargic. People used to come from Bhutan and stay in our village in olden days. There are still so many people who could speak bodo language in the bordering towns of Bhutan. I better not prolong my speech with anecdotes..

'Lastly I wish your majesty the fourth king a god in human form a very very long life and may him live longer and guide the people of Bhutan to everlasting happiness and peace.

'Tashi delek.'