Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Chain of Thought Vrs Fingers

It had been so long that I had blogged after blogging almost every day. Was it because of the time constraint? The answer is no because at the place where I m staying right now, time is abundant. Sometimes I feel that there are 30 hours in one day. And specially when I get disturbed in the middle of the night, the night seems so long until I go to sleep again and miss the morning physical training.

I have read it somewhere that it is better for us to manage time than let the time manage us. Sadly, to do that one need to be the boss rest of us who are not boss gets managed by the time. I think I manage time by setting a routine. For everything there is a time – time to eat, time to take a nap, time to play, time to watch a movie, time to sleep and being lucky until now, time to wake up.

It amazes me every time that I m able to wake up and I m thankful for the God for being able to do that. Every day is a new day with new opportunities for some but for a person like me with routine it is like a merry go round, except for meeting new friends online and sharing ideas and stories which is untrue most of the time but still interesting to hear, untrue stories are more interesting to hear than the true ones with lots of spices added in between. Getting scared by a black cat early in the morning becomes meeting with the panther. Almost stepping on a piece of rope and getting so scared thinking that it is a snake becomes almost stepping on a poisonous cobra.

Who does not tell lies once in a while, lies are told to spin interesting stories, to make oneself the hero in the story that is being told and sometimes to save our skin from the bosses and friends and spouse. It is always interesting hear the lies when we know the truth. But I guess I am a bad lair. Because lying involves lots of remembering if one is not changing places after one or two years, and I hate remembering things. Of late I compare my brain to that of a memory chip/card/hard disk and I feel that it consumes space in remembering lots of things making us slow to react when required just like a computer whose memory is almost full. It may not be like that but it had got into me in comparing the space of my brain to that of a computer and I try to preserve space by not saving useless stuff there.

It is good to forget things, So many unpleasant things that I have undergone a couple of years back and thought of doing unpleasant things all that I have forgotten. But as I write this the software to recover deleted stuff is almost starting to run. I prefer to forget the bad things and remember the good things. Doing this is a tonic and spreads happiness but there is danger of some people taking advantage of this.

Oh I better keep this topic-less article short. For those who have come this far reading my chain of thought, I would like to thank you and I would also like to tell you that I won’t read it myself again and put stress on my hard drive and ram. After writing 60 articles I feel like a writer now. Haha….