Friday, 14 November 2014

Inspiring Speech

Here is yet another inspiring speech for the military personnel but i think it is applicable to all. I have saved it somewhere now saving it here for the benefit of all the readers. The speaker would be that or a Drimpon Gom or Equivalent in RBA.

Sergeant Major John G Stepanak
( an address to cadets being commissioned in the US army)

I feel a tinge of regret that I am not young enough to be sitting out there as one of you. You have so many years of challenge and adventure to look forward to, so many of these years are behind me.
Soon you will meet your platoon sergeants, your sergeant major your other non commissioned officer and your troops. What do we expect from you as officers, commander, leader?

We expect from you, unassailable personal integrity and the highest of morals. We expect you to maintain the highest state of personal appearance. We expect you to be fair, to be consistent, to have dignity, but no aloofness – to have compassion and understanding, to treat each soldiers as an individual with individual problem. And we expect you to have courage – the courage to stand up and be counted to defend your men when they have followed your orders, even when your orders were in error – to assume the blame when you are wrong.

We expect you to stick out your chin and say “this man is worthy of promotion, and I want him to promoted.” And we expect you to have even greater courage to say “This man is not qualified and he will not be promoted and he will be promoted over my dead body.” Gentlemen, I implore you. Do not promote a man because he has many problems, because he has a bar bill. If he is not capable of performing his duties of his grade, do not do him and us, the injustice of advancing him in grade. When he leaves you, or you leave him, he becomes someone else problem. Gentlemen, we expect you to have courage in the face of danger. Many of you will soon be in Vietnam where there are no safe rear echelons. During your tour opportunity will arise for you to display personal courage and leadership. Opportunity could arise from which you may emerge as heroes. A hero is an individual who is faced with an undesirable situation and is able to nullify or negate it.

Do not display recklessness and expose yourself and your men to unnecessary risk that will reduce their normal chance of survival. This will only shake their confidence in your judgment.

Now gentlemen, you know what we expect from you. What can you expect from us? From few of us, you can expect antagonism, a “prove yourself” attitude.

From few of us, who had an opportunity to be officers, and didn’t have the guts and motivation to accept the challenge, you can expect resentment.

From few of us old timers, you can expect tolerance. But from most of us you can expect loyalty to our position, devotion to our cause, admiration for your honest effort – endurance to match your endurance – motivation to match your motivation – spirit to match your spirit – a desire for achievement to match your desire for achievement.

You can expect a love of god, a love of country, and a love of duty to match your love of god, your love of country and your love of duty.

We won’t mind the heat if you sweat with us. We don’t mind the cold if you shiver with us. And when your cigarette is gone, we don’t mind quitting after your cigarettes are gone.

Gentlemen, you didn’t accept us, we are here first. We accept you, and when we do, you’ll know. We didn’t beat drums, or carry you off the drill field on our shoulder. But, may be at the company party we’ll raise a canteen and say,”Lt, you are OK”. Just like that.

Remember one thing. Very few non commissioned officers were awarded stripes without showing somebody something, Sometimes, somewhere. If your platoon sergeant is mediocre, if he is slow to assume responsibility, if he shies away from you, maybe sometimes not long ago someone shot him down when he was right. Internal wounds heal slowly, internal scars fades more slowly.

Your orders appointing you as an officer in the US army appointed you to command. No orders, no letters, no insignia of rank can appoint you as leaders. Leadership is an intangible thing, leaders are made, they are not born. Leadership is developed within yourself.

You do not wear leadership on your sleeves, on your shoulders, on your caps or on your calling cards. Be you Lieutenant or General, we‘re the guys you’ve got to convince and we will meet you more than half way.

You are in the army in which we have served for so many years and you will help us defend the country we have loved for so many years. I wish you happiness, luck and success in the exciting and challenging years that lie ahead.

May god bless you all.

Sergeant Major John G Stepanak
( an address to cadets being commissioned in the US army)