Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Rape

It was a government holiday on Friday and Tashi planned to go to Thimphu to meet his family consisting of his wife and a child staying with her parents. Holiday on Friday means three days holiday in a row.

Tashi was all alone traveling from Gelephu. The music system in his car was not working and he really wished that he gets a passenger asking for a lift. He tuned the radio to ‘radio mirchi’ as it is clearer than that of Bhutanese FM, moreover the radio jockey of that station was more interesting and speaks as if she was speaking to him in person without any formalities and sounded so joyous.

He was so excited and lost in thoughts of meeting his loving wife and child and how he will get her transferred to Gelephu next year. If the transfer is not granted he even planned to make her resign and stay together. He cannot bear the pain of staying separately anymore and it is testing his love and loyalty to the limits.

When he realized he was already climbing the curves towards Dochula. The chilling cold wind of the high mountains brought him to his senses and when he looked at the speedometer the needle was pointing at 60 km per hour that is far above the authorized speed limit even on the express way. He was glad that there are no lurking speed cameras and cops at this place and more glad for not meeting with accident despite driving in auto mode. He reminded himself to be careful hereafter.

Just before reaching Dochula, there was one beautiful lady maybe in her late teens waiving and asking for a lift. He stopped the car and told her to hop in. Though the car was empty she chose the front seat and sat near him. He was more than happy to get a passenger, that too a very beautiful and bold girl. They talked about many things on the way. She was very frank and told him that she was dropped there by her boyfriend after an altercation.

He drove very slowly maybe being very careful or perhaps wanting to have more time with an angel sitting next to him. He was suddenly not in a hurry to get home to his wife and almost forgot his sole purpose of this journey. The girl did not mind a little bit of patting here and touch there, in fact she seems to encourage him to touch her. He had never met such westernized girl before.

When they were about to reach Semtokha, the girl started crying. The tears were real. He did not know why? Until she started to bite her own lips and blood started ooze from there and she started to tear her shirts exposing her bra.

Tashi was flabbergasted and asked what had happened to her. She told him, “You are a rapist! If you do not give me Nu.50000, I am going to take you to the police for attempted rape.”

He must have mentally attempted but physically he did not touch her except while changing gear. He feared she must have known about changing the gear too frequently. But then she was herself so welcoming for more than that. The intentions of the girl dawned on him little too late.

He could imagine that what would happen to him if she does that and how the media and the police would take his statement for a lie. And how the law is lop sided towards the weaker sex. Even if he fight a case winning it would come after so much of effort tarnishing his image and he may lose his family and job too because he was not on leave.

After weighing all the pros and cons he stopped the car and requested the girl to not to do such things. He also told her to take NU.10000 that was what he was having in cash at that moment.

She told him to handover the wallet. He gave it to her without protesting and she got out of the car taking the wallet. She slammed the door of the car peeking in the wallet and without caring to count the cash took all the money and handed him back the empty wallet.

He told her to change the torn shirt. She winked at him taking out a new shirt from her hand bag and said, “Thanks for the advice and oh! Of course, the lift”.