Friday, 31 October 2014

The Girl Called Dynamite

The best thing in the school was the little crushes you have. Teasing from the friends leads to the crush. And having crush in the school is the worst kept secret. Even without telling a soul, our friends with the looks and the sparkle in the eyes would know that which guy is having crush with whom.
I had innumerable crushes lasting for weeks and some for months. The feelings that we had in our heart that time cannot be replicated in any way now. The near missing of beat of heart when one sees the face of the crush, the smile towards one’s direction making ones heart miss couple of beats and making one very weak in the knees. Those were the feelings that we had as an adolescent and trying to turn into young adult.
I have written countless love letters but not for myself but for my friends. The evening and night studies were mostly spent in doing those clerical jobs for my friends. I secretly enjoy the affects of words the next day on the face of the lover of my friends. It was another feeling that cannot be expressed.
There was one girl. The name I do not know but I named her Dynamite. Due to the consistent teasing I did have a crush on her. The name suited her so much because she was so boyish and had a – I do not care – type of attitude. She was very bold and had no fear about the boys be it senior or otherwise. She is explosive just like dynamite but, beautiful from all angles.
I never wrote love letter to her as well as any other girls because partly I dreaded the rejection and partly I was busy writing for others.
The releasing of the movie “Jaan Teri Naam” coincided with her getting paired up with one of my friend and I felt just like the hero of that movie. The pairing up that time had got nothing to do physically but getting an affirmative reply for the love epistle establishes the ownership of each other in the lover’s world. Whole schools will come to know about it, save school authority. The network and the secrecy among the students that time can be compared to that of Mafia’s.the information flows horizontally and not vertically.