Friday, 3 October 2014

The Best Joke of an Atsara

I was reminded of the incident with  an Atsara as I was watching Thimphu tshechu live on TV. 

Atsara the Bhutanese comedian during the tshechus are famous for making people laugh and also make them feel awkward if they are with their relatives by their lewd gestures and the thing that they carry with them like a scepter.
Atsara with the scepter
It was during the Paro tshechu; I was with the family, that day the tshechu was being conducted inside the dzong and there was reemong (cymbal) on display which was taken out from the depth of the sea by a terton (treasure discoverer).

I always avoid the Atsara because they are so gutsy behind the mask. While going to have a blessing from the reemong, Atsara was right there on the way and there were not much crowd. He was in the process of wearing the mask. He hurried up what he was doing and was ready to do what is expected of him. He came towards us, to the displeasure of me and to the terror of my daughter. Luckily my kids were small that time, to understand all the lewd gestures, that he may start making.
lewd gestures

In order to distract him and to stop him from making any lewd gestures in front of my family, I asked him for a photograph. He posed besides my wife and he was passing lots of (lecherous) remarks. We received wang (blessing) from his famous handheld tool and the picture was taken.

Just as we were about to break off from there, the Atsara made some violent move and his mask fell off. He was covering his face with the hands and was saying “Ahhh!!! Jeda…” and ran away from our sight, after picking up the mask.  He uttered the word that we feared he may utter and it was not beyond understanding of my kids. We had a hearty laugh. That was the best joke the Atsara cracked together with his mask literally.