Thursday, 9 October 2014

Temporary Disconnection From TV

The fuel being cheaper in Bhutan comparing to India and with no fuel station near the borders of Bhutan, people from the satellite town of Assam come to refuel their cars from here and some take ample quantity of stocks in jerry cans.

It was on such occasion when the van carrying stock of fuel from here, caught fire on the way burning the vehicle into a metal skeleton and the cables of TV and phone overhead.

Burning Van... (image from wechat)
It is the second day here without TV and broadband internet. Slow GPRS data connection is available in the mobile phones and I have tried to upload some pictures too and it took one whole night to get it uploaded.

Reflecting back on having no internet and TV, especially TV – the house was silent. There is no distraction at all for the kids and parents. Timing for sleeping and eating were no more hampered by the silly programs in the TV. No time was wasted on searching the channel from 1 to 36 and back to 1 when there is no good program aired. It is peaceful.

I mostly watch news in BBC. I have missed the news from both home and abroad but that did not make any difference to me. A war there, disease outbreak here, accident there, natural disaster here all consumed just like that if we are not going to learn lessons or do anything about it. Ebola in Africa, Volcano in Japan, Vehicle accident at Jomotsangka, Mr Obama addressing UN, Mr X becomes American Idol, Miss Y gets crowned as miss world. So what? It is just the bombardment of information for which we crave more.  

When I watch Nat Geo I appreciate the patience the cameraman and applaud for all the troubles that they were undergoing to make us see through their lens – on the trees, under the ocean, in the jungles, in the desert and so on. But did all this made difference to me?

Most of our quality time that we would have spent with our family otherwise were wasted in front of the idiot box.

The fiber optics will be joined on Monday that is 5 days from now, I was told. And for five days there will be silence and peace in the house. Other options of getting a TV in the house by using DTH dishes would not be explored and I do not miss the absence of it now.