Friday, 31 October 2014

Inter House Quiz Competetion .

When my son told me that he had a quiz competition, I was reminded of my quiz competition during my school days.
It was in my tenth standard that I somehow stood first from the class not because I was a brilliant student or hard working but somehow I was luckier than those of my classmates. 
I was made to take part in the quiz competition because I was the class topper. The only solace was that there were another 3 team mates and I was banking on them to answer the questions.
D. Penjor was a brilliant student and he was well informed about the current affairs and other general knowledge. But when he suggested that we take turns in answering the questions no matter whoever knows the answer, showed me that he was also having the same feelings like me. Thus we decided that we will answer the questions turn wise among four of us by prompting to the team mates and the one whose turn comes will say it loudly. It was a good trick for me because it will not make any of the team mates look like fool on the stage especially me.
The questions were not as hard as I have feared. I also knew most of the answers for the questions directed to us and as well as those questions passed by the other team.
During the picture round, a picture is shown and we have to identify the person shown in the picture. It was my turn to answer aloud. A picture was shown with a man with huge mustache that looked like an Indian; I had no idea who he was. To my relief my friend D. Penjor knew the answer and prompted to me “Pravakaran”, and I said it loud. There were claps for I think many in the audience and some teachers did not know who the man in the picture was. I got the points for that question. Internally I was having increased respect for my friend for knowing the answer and making me take the credits for his knowledge.
Our team came first in that competition.
I remember D. Penjor and no other team mates because of that incident. He is serving as a officer in law enforcement. We met once after 15 years and had dinner together. I regret   for not remembering to narrate this incident that time because there were so many other things to catch up with.