Sunday, 28 September 2014

Upgrading the Cell Phone

The electronics such as laptop, tablet and cell phones asks for upgrade because many new versions get released in the market and within one year or so the one that we have gets obsolete.
The ancestor
I try to stick with the old one as far as possible due to the financial and technical reasons but when the cell phone that I have does not have enough space for all the applications and hangs; it is about time for me to upgrade.
xperia X8 no front cam
The things that I planned to keep in mind while upgrading were internal memory, battery life, the camera and its pixels – both front and back, and the budget range. If the cell phone is costing more than 40k than it would be better for me to go for a laptop that’s what I feel – no offense intended for the ones who are having very expensive mobile phones. Asking the sales person in the phone shop, – ‘which is the best phone?’ is to be avoided for they will make you more confused and their judgment of the best phone is according to your budget range.

I got myself a new phone with good configuration and at okay price.
ummmm reviews later
When I reached home and read the manual it says that only micro sim can be used with the phone. I have checked the entire configuration and the only thing that I did not bother to check was the size of the sim that may be required to be put in the phone and that only caused some turbulence on the otherwise perfect mood. I measured the slot of the micro sim and went on to cut the standard size sim but not the original sim, I had one spoiled sim so I cut that and inserted in the sim slot. Whether it would work or not, I do not know, but it was fitting fine. I did not have the courage to cut the sim that is working so I had to defer the use of the new phone till the next day when the sim can be made into micro sim. The telecom people got the equipment to cut the sim and I got it cut from there.

The copying of the entire contact numbers would be too troublesome for me so I think I would save the number as and when I receive the calls.

narmal, micro and nano sim

Next time if I had to upgrade the phone again it would be the size of the sim on the top of the list to check and that time it would be a micro sim, for my sim had been cut already.