Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Extra Invisible Player

Until now I have never believed in the evoking of deities to help win the matches. I have heard people doing that and sometimes winning and sometimes losing the game no matter which deities that they must have requested to help them win. It is, normally in the match of archery that the rituals are performed to help own team and the opponent team to not to perform well.

I have played so many matches and I have never believed in such things. I always brushed aside thinking that it is just a psychological feelings (Psy Ops). How can someone not visible; someone not tangible to us could possibly make a difference in the game? Bull s@%t!

I have never resorted to such things until last match. We were losing the game badly. During the lunch break I discussed with my boss to see whether such thing really works or not. He was also like me –skeptical about such things. That day the rituals was conducted as an experiment for me as well as for him.

I called up the religious man and told him that we are losing the game and if he could do something immediately it would help, without sounding skeptic to him. The religious men hate skeptics that I know from the previous experience. He agreed to do the needful. On second thought, I had to call him again and give him the names of the good performers of the opponent team – just to give some personal attention to them. He agreed and went to do the rituals to make us win the game.

I told the team captain that we have called upon an extra player in our team who is invisible. He understood and boosted his morale because he is one ardent believer in such things and he was full of smiles after that.

After lunch there was no kareys from the opponent team and we have got points with even dayas. ‘It must have been a coincident’, I thought, I m now skeptic of the coincidence than that of the ritual. In four rounds we have finished the set of 25 points. We are now draw, by finishing one set each. It is surprising to note that, those sharp shooters could not hit much after that, except one guy – whose name was given not correctly.

We won the match. It must have been a coincidence but our forefathers had come believing about it till now. The education and science may say otherwise for there is no substantial evidence to prove it. But I have seen it happen that day winning the match. It may take couple of matches with the invisible helper on my side to change my mind again and believe it as a coincidence. If our team wins again my faith in the invisible helper would be further strengthened if not, well, it must have been a coincidence.

However, if my opponents are reading this, be warned that I will be doing the same ritual by the same religious man again for the scientific/research purpose. It will be done, perhaps couple of times more to prove the point, and clarify beyond reasonable doubts. :) :D