Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Academy Ball (cont..from Cross Country Race to Remember)

The academy ball was nearing and I was lying on the hospital bed with POP on the leg. I had 14 days left for the POP to be removed and discharged from the hospital and the academy ball – jam session that we may call in our college days – was on the 15th day of the removal of the POP, I had chances to attend it, thought I.

The POP from my leg was removed from the leg but a lady doctor told me that I have to stay in the hospital for few more days and she cannot discharge me. I told her that I m all right and requested her to discharge me. She looked at me quizzically and told me to tell the truth about why I want myself to be discharged so desperately. I told her that I want to attend the jam session. She told me that in that case she will not discharge me at all.

The lady doctor had her husband serving in army and I heard that he was one of the instructors in the academy and he was an Ex-NDA.

I got my blue patrol cleaned and the buttons shined sparklingly. Blue patrol, a blue dress with shiny brass buttons and trousers with red band from the sides, was the dress of the day for the ball. I lay there dejected if only her husband an Ex NDA was there listening to me he will understand how important that ball is and he may let me go and attend it.
dance in progress
To boost the morale and to make the cadets familiar with the dealing with the opposite sex, the ladies were brought from a nearby college for the ball. They were closely guarded and come exclusively for the ball and nothing more. But I heard some stories of couples meeting during the ball and getting married. The occasion was much looked forward to by the cadets because after staying without seeing or mingling with the opposite sex for 3 years it would be their first experience.

I would hear a loud music because the hospital was near to the Mess where the ball was happening. I was lying on the bed and contemplating of running away from the ward to attend the ball just to see because my legs are not completely all right and I won’t be able to dance.

Just then I heard a knock on the door when I opened I was the doctor dressed for the ball asking me whether I would like to go to the ball. I said, ‘yes madam, why not if u allow. My dresses are ready’. She smiled and told me to go and come back to the ward later. I thanked her and without wasting time got myself dressed.
having a look
I thought she looked beautiful in civil dress, or was it because she granted me the permission to attend the most awaited event of my days as cadet? And what changed her mind at the last minute? I wondered.
soiled boots says it all fractured or not...
As I was rushing out of the hospital compound to attend the ball I saw a couple in front of me going towards the same destination. They were the doctor and her husband. Now I know what, I mean, who changed her mind at the last minute. I did not get the opportunity to thank the Ex NDA hubby of her. However, listening to the doctor’s advice to take rest might have saved me the pains for another couple of months.