Monday, 15 September 2014


I think it is only the human that is capable of taking its own life to end the perceived sufferings. It is more saddening when it is committed by a young - budding people. Sometimes one might think it would be better to make the people regret by taking one’s life, but that is a too extreme an action, the eyes of the dead cannot see and the hearts of the dead cannot feel. So what is the use of committing a vengeful suicide?

There are varied levels of sufferings in human life. The capabilities of bearing the sufferings depend from person to person and individual's exposure to the harsh conditions. The officers in the army, knows that well, because they had undergone sufferings, both physical and mental stretched to the limits.

The diet consisting of 2 eggs, ham, half liters of milk, bread, butter, jam, etc for breakfast; chicken/mutton/fish, dal, rice for lunch; chicken, vegetable, cutlets, rajma, rice for dinner, and on top of that there were multi-course dinner consisting of more than 10 items excluding soup once or twice a month, yet the eaters remain slim and fit without a trace of fats in the body. That’s because there is equal amount of physical activities laid out to burn all that and even more.

When the time for sleeping comes, no time is wasted in thinking or dreaming. Thinking was a luxury there. Even if they get free time it is used in taking a nap. Have you ever heard of taking 1 minute nap? It is done there. Five minutes is hell lot of a time. In five minutes – ‘They can make booth (ghost) out of you’. Amidst these sufferings contemplating suicide – got not time for that. (First termers if not dealt with hand in a glove may….)

‘Idle mind is devil’s workshop’ is indeed true. Youngsters need to be kept busy giving little time for them to have idle mind. It is easier said than done but there is no harm in trying. Coming out of a cozy corner of the parents wings and facing the harsh realities of the world may discourage some well protected green horns. The family and the schools should inoculate youngsters about the sufferings and the realities of the world taking them on excursions in hospitals and farms. In the hospitals, one can see hopeless people fighting for a life with pipes running form all holes. In farms we can see that life is not a bed of roses - vegetables, butter, cheese, and eggs does not fall easily from the end of the conveyor belt just like that.

Suicide driven by love, infatuations and crushes must be copied from mills and boon novels, gasa lamay singye story, Romeo and Juliet, etc. But then, other than that where is the subject on love? It is a universal truth that everyone falls in love and ultimately marry, who teaches them the difference between love and infatuations?

Every one of us must have experienced crushes in schools, sometimes kept secret, and sometimes not so secret bringing lots of embarrassment when teased.

Making it a taboo to have crush, by parents and teachers need to be revisited so that the youngsters who fall in love early in life and who could not keep it as secret would not repeat the story of gasa lamey singye and Romeo and Juliet yet again.