Friday, 5 September 2014

Nuisance of Peeping Tom

We exist in this world because of it. Had it been not there we would have never been born. Yet it is a taboo to discuss about it and to know about it. But it does not take much effort to learn about it. It is an instinctive knowledge like that of eating, drinking or suckling.

The sharing of movies in the social media and through the mobile apps has caused much furor and made so many people very curious. That may be because it is for the first time happening with the protagonist as Bhutanese, otherwise it may not be of any comparison to those movies with western protagonist. It is the ‘star factor’ that must have tickled the curiosity thus mass sharing of the videos. It would die a natural death and after some time people will not be so eager to share or watch it owing to the quality and the direction of the video – even if it is made legally.

If it is filmed without the knowledge of the person in act; I guess the intimate act must have been done at the wrong place or not taken proper precautions. The simple precaution of switching off the light or dimming the lights would render most of the cameras useless. The mobile camera normally requires a good lighting to make a video. Should the lights be on, to turn the person involved in the act on, a plain sheet of cloth or a bed sheet used to cover the bodies would discourage the peeping toms. Who would like to see two bodies moving under the sheet? If these two simple precautions are followed, there are no requirements of worrying about the peep holes and lurking cameras.

As hard as it may be to admit for us the Bhutanese – everyone does it. But publicizing the act would be a little hard for those involved if it is leaked without their knowledge or image captured without their consent. Some people are doing great work in trying to stop it from going more viral.

However, this will look trivial because as the nation develops there would be more such problems like, people asking for the right for marriage between the same sex, strip clubs, legalizing prostitutions, having nudist camps (for we do not have beach), etc. A few of the transgender were seen interviewed even in BBS. The world is becoming smaller due to the technological advancement and a cultural invasion has become so easy. Today it is Korean culture that clicks with the mentality of the younger generations, tomorrow it would be some other culture bringing in grave problems and embarrassments to the society. Who knows?

It would be better for a small country like ours to follow the advice of the great Buddhist teacher, ‘It is better to cover our own feet to protect from the thorns than trying to cover the whole world with leather.’