Saturday, 6 September 2014

Nim Nim the Fertile Female Cat.

When the rats became so audacious and started to run brazenly during the day time in the living room that we decided to bring in a cat. Before that we tried to believe in co-existence and did not bother their presence in the house. Little bit of scurrying noise and movement in the night is bearable. But not this - when there were guest and rats running around and below the sofas. Not acceptable at all. It is taking our compassion for a ride.

It is said that the grown up cat does not stay in the new house. We tried adopting a big stray cat but it has some loyalty issues and does not stay in the house. A small cat was brought from the neighborhood. We named her ‘Nim Nim’; she grew into a big slender female as friendly as a cat could be.

We have not seen her hunt still then the mice were kept at bay, not only the scurrying around the day but even their routine night business stopped. There was peace back again in the house all thanks to Nim Nim.

One day Nim Nim became little fat around the tummy area and we realized that she was pregnant. The guessing work for the numbers of litters that she may give birth began. My son said 5, daughter said 6, my wife said 3 and I said 4 just like that, as no one gave that number. After few weeks she gave birth to 4 real cute kittens. We were so happy for the new comers but our happiness were short lived when they started passing stool everywhere. The stench of the cat’s poo is worse than that of a dirty public toilet. One by one we gave all of them away. Nim Nim did not seem to mind that. She was as frustrated as us, I think, for not being able to give potty training to her kids.  

Not much of the time elapsed when Nim Nim was pregnant again. This time we were not that eager and excited as before. Instead we planned how and to whom to give away the litters as soon as they are big enough. She gave birth to 4 kittens again. We could not find anyone interested to take them. Besides, my kids want to have them here only. It is easy for the kids to have a pet because the cleaning and feeding the pet is done by the adults in the house and they just play around with them.

We never knew that the cats would be so fertile, Nim Nim got pregnant yet again. The gestation period of two months for the cat is too less – me and my wife complained to eachother. At this rate there would be menace of the cats in the house.

Nim Nim was made to go through labour outside and she gave birth to another identical looking 4 kittens. Despite keeping them outside the house in the verandah all of them survived. They did not enjoy as much as the earlier siblings. They are all tough; the stray dogs are afraid of them. We have done a good thing by keeping them outside for they have learned the valuable lessons of survival with a protective hands being absent above their head. One by one all of them left the house into the neighborhood, I m quite certain that they will survive and survive even in the hardest of the conditions. When they do not get any food or when they fail in hunting they do come to the house for occasional treat and go away just after that.

Nim Nim was again pregnant. Gave birth to 4 kittens, among them one was black. On the insistence of my son this time she was allowed to give birth in the house. After few weeks the room in the house smelt like that of a cat and cat’s poo mixed. It took lots of cajoling to my son to take them outside and get the room thoroughly cleaned and scented.

I don’t know how many more times Nim Nim would give birth. But it is better to bear the cat’s menace than that of a rat. Those rats chew on anything: leather, cloths, wood, aluminium, etc. and I heard they invite snakes in the house. Rat snakes comes after rats and cobra comes after rat snakes. Azeew!

However, next time I will resort to rat traps and other methods of controlling pests than to have a female cat in the house. It is true that nothing comes for free or without the strings attached these days.