Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Keys and Locks; Passwords and Pins

I used to have a showcase with inbuilt locking system. There are 10 doors with 10 locks and 20 keys. The keys looked identical but they were a little different from each other because if the correct key is not used the locks would not open. Carrying of bunch of keys around and the hassles of locking and unlocking the door leads to keeping it unlocked all the time. On top of that there are keys for boxes and suitcases and almirahs and not to forget the keys for the main doors, gate and garage if you have one. One may have to put all the locks in a small bag and lock that back again.

I have sacked that showcase and got myself another one that is without locks. The problem with doors without locks is that it remains ajar most of the time but it is good for the things inside to breathe – to let the moisture out and air in hopefully.

With the technological advancement the equivalent for the locks and keys of the yonder days is the passwords and the pin numbers. We have to remember so many passwords and it increases proportionately with the increase in numbers of applications that we use. To list a few:
1.    Password for the mobile phone if it is enabled.
2.    Pin for the sim lock if it is enabled.
3.    Password for internet banking (needs to be very secure and tough to guess, so that nobody remembers it including the real user)
4.    Pin for internet fund transfer ( ditto)
5.    B wallet pin (ditto)
6.    Gmail
7.    Yahoo mail
8.    Facebook
9.    Tweeter
10.  Instagram
11.  Wechat
12.  Viber
13.  Whats apps
14.  Skype
15.  ATM pin, etc

Passwords are even required for logging in the PC or laptop if it is enabled, I have not enabled it and I will never enable it because I had a bitter experience of forgetting the password and my computer not recognizing me and allowing me to explore her. I have seen couple of mobile phones rendered useless because the user forgot the password or pin. Now the smart phones can be made to undergo hard booting to restore the factory setting but that wipes out all the information and the documents that may be there in the phone.

I have followed a trick to remember the password for all the apps that I am using which may be too sensitive to elucidate it here.