Friday, 12 September 2014

Awe-inspiring By the Mentality of a Contractor

I don’t know with what types of education system and in what types of school/universities had made them so sincere, loyal and honest with tons of integrity. I can’t wait to share the story of a contractor with whom I worked with down below the equator.
twin blade channel cutting machine
It was at night in a shopping mall and my job was to remove tiles and cut a channel of about 1 inch diameter with 2 inches deep on the threshold of the main entrance, to place wire for the theft proof antenna. The work was not that hard. There was a twin blade channel cutting machine, which cuts through the concrete with a twin blade rotating at high speed chiseling the specified dimension of the channel. Only thing the operator needs to do was to maintain the direction and straightness of the channel. I was the operator and I failed in doing just that. My channel was cut a bit curved, but it will serve the purpose as the channel was required for laying wires and it would be covered leaving no trace of cuts and patches. (That was Bhutanese mentality)

My supervisor who happened to be the contractor came to inspect my work and told me to cover up the channel and cut a new one which must be straight. I looked at him in awe and remained there speechless. He has to pay me in hours and perhaps he may have to spend some more on glue and stuff for covering the curved channel! But he did not seemed to mind it if the work is not perfect to the satisfaction of the customer, he would sacrifice his cuts in profit margin.

I was feeling so bad and felt like telling him to deduct an hour wage from me. I started to cover the channel all the while thinking – if only we have contractors like him back home in Bhutan we would be having perfect roads, bridges, buildings and what not. It is the integrity, sincerity honesty and the urge to satisfy customer that would brings in real development, by putting in money where it is supposed to, through honest and dedicated contractors/builders and having just reasonable cuts – I finished repairing the damaged concrete; it was more time consuming to repair it than to cut it.

A new channel was made, this time I drew a straight line with a long scale and a pencil, a path, which the channeling machine would follow. The contractor was happy with my work and after laying up the wires and filling it back again we wrapped up the work that night. There was indeed no trace of any cuts and patches on the carpet. To make sure, the contractor again checked all the work until he was fully satisfied, to which I even doubted - whether he was the owner of that shopping mall. It was told to me by my co-worker that he was not the owner of the mall, knowing too well why I asked him that question. My co-worker was from India and he told me those contractors out here are crazy because they do not know how to take maximum cuts and make huge profit. (Indian mentality, I guess)
I had a feeling that a developed nation is developed, due to the attitudinal change in the human resource. That change comes from good education, education relating to values, loyalty, sincerity, integrity and honesty. These things are easy but cannot be taught it needs to be imbibed by the teachers, friends, families and society as a whole. With the present trend lesser mentioned the better…….

It is saddening to hear a bridge/culvert getting washed away, which is not even half a year old.   More than monetary loss (of public funds) it depicts ‘carry on’ type mentality of ours; rendering tens of thousands of customers unsatisfied and disconnected literally, grotesque remains of cuts and patches left on the carpet. Who cares??????