Monday, 18 August 2014

You won £141500 GBP……..

“NOKIA.UK You won £141500 GBP Ref NO.:NK101 For Claim Email Your Name, Number & Age To & call +447035945545. From +255774091412.”
I got this sms late at night and got me into thinking.

I know that it is a scam but there may be others who must be thinking otherwise. If I really get that much money what would I do? I think I do not have the capabilities to spend that because it would be a whooping sum of Nu. 11320000. What will I do with that amount? I think I have enough of everything and my wants are not too much, to reply to that sms and claim the money.

If at all I get that much money then there will be more of worry for me than happiness. I will have fear of losing it. I will have problems of investing it. If I construct buildings with that money every earthquake will frighten me. If I buy a car with that money every screeching/scratching sound will scare me. If I keep it at home I will have to keep awake to guard it. And if I give it away for charity I will have fear of others misusing it. I will not do the chores and make me obese and may suffer from lifestyle related disease. Oh! Please I m happy with what I have right now. Little bit of bonus here and there may be good to blow up for holidaying or some party but I will not be able to digest the amount that they are offering.

If I were to claim it and then give it for charity then why should I claim it at all, they could have done that themselves. Why should I get in between? No, I m not after taking the credits also. I believe in doing charity works silently. I am more impressed by those people who do it like that……..

Once in Kolkata, we reached very late there. It was in the peak winters and we were going around in search of any open hotel. The streets were empty and we could see some people curling up like a dog and sleeping or trying to sleep because in such cold it would be difficult to sleep. Not so far away we saw some movements near a car, parked in an empty street. There was one lady looking quite affluent by her attire. She was distributing blankets to the street people. I can make out that she was not after the credits or mention in news channels but her charity work was a genuine one. Those people who were already asleep won’t know from where the blanket came the next day and those who were awake were surprised to get a blanket and seen kissing her feet out of sheer gratitude. It brought tears in my eyes that night seeing existence of such magnanimous people, who give genuinely from the heart and not with the intention of gaining fame.
Hello, whoever may be, this time you have sent a text message to a wrong person, I m not going to get greedy and send my details to you. Not because I know it is a fake but even if it is for real I have already mentioned the problems that I may get into becoming suddenly affluent. If you are that generous please be like a lady in Kolkata and give to the more needy ones.