Saturday, 23 August 2014

Want to Rejuvenate? Well, Sleep.

People say that it is the worry and not having peace of mind that will take away the sleep. Sleep is very important because no matter how tired you are after waking up from the sleep you are ready to take on whatever the task maybe. The sleep is important to rejuvenate and recharge the body and the mind.

After trekking the whole day on patrolling, the sleep comes just like that. It is immaterial whether there is a good pillow or a good blanket or a comfortable bed. The body seems to be asking for the time to rejuvenation as quickly as possible. There is of course worry; the worry of wild animals attacking your camp, the insurgents attacking your camp, the mosquitoes inflicting you with malaria virus and so on. Yet sleep overpowers you when you are so tired. Peace of mind is out of question taking a nap in the wilderness of wild life sanctuary yet sleep befalls naturally.

I feel that it is the idle body that sends the signal to the brain to pamper it more by asking for more comforts to make one fall asleep. When we are so tired even a rough ground with sharp pebbles seems so inviting better than that of a well cushioned sofa, and to sit on it to rest for sometime gives us the feeling of perfect rest like that of lying down on the dentist chair (but without those drills and lights) when the dentist goes out for some work leaving you there alone.

There was a time during our training days that we slept on a marshy area, where when we squatted; the water level comes till the navel level and still being able to sleep soundly. That was because when we reached that marshy place it was after walking for 36 hours nonstop in the rain and sun. To be honest, I could not sleep but I was amazed to see my friends snoring in such conditions. Some even develop the capability of sleeping while walking. And that capability is shared among the group, after that whenever there is a route march the only person awake used to be the one leading the line, rest of the group will be switched off or partially switch off or in auto pilot mode saving the much needed energy.

It is hard to be alert when the fatigue sets in, so to delay the time for the fatigue to set in the training comes handy. I normally move on auto pilot on long trek (route march) if there is no imminent danger and assignment en route. Thinking of the pleasant things and making the mind wander and not thinking of the pain and covering distance but at the same time taking a step after step in the right direction on the right spot. Left right left, that’s easy. The mobile phone with a ear plug and listening to the songs takes you into the meadows covered with beautiful flowers and dancing there to the tune of the song that is being played. The area of the brain that is sensing pains gets overpowered by the pleasure sensing area producing ‘feel good’ enzymes and not letting one feel the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

If it’s impossible to sleep, despite being so tired it would be better to go and see a doctor it maybe – Insomnia or some other sleep disorder syndrome. GOOD NIGHT.