Monday, 25 August 2014

Turning Into Vegetarian in Bhutan

Being Buddhist and due to the gaining of the weights at the wrong places, I have decided to become vegetarian. Before that phagsha – the pork tops my list I could eat it in any form roasted, with gravy, without gravy, fried and sikam ummmm… I have said good bye to it a couple of months back, thus delaying the onset of bulge in the midriff.

phagsha sikam (lllllluummmm)
To become vegetarian in Bhutan is very difficult due to the fact that there are not many menus for the vegetarians. It is either ema datsi or kewa datsi and jaju. Being vegetarian here would surely make me slim but there are chances that I may get TB also. In parties and dinners the vegetarians are forgotten lot. Once I have seen my vegetarian friend eating food with raw chili and salt because there were no vegetarian dishes that night.

ema datsi green

ema datsi red

ema datsi green and red mixed
Dinner or parties always means displaying of the non vegetarian dishes that is what I have noticed. Besides we here in Bhutan lack any mouth watering vegetarian dishes other than emma datsi.

Once I was in India and I booked a hotel which turned out to be a hotel serving only vegetarian dish. I was so sad because that time I was a voracious eater of meat. I ordered lunch and told waiter to get me dishes that were his favorite because a booklet of menus containing vegetarian dishes were Greek to me. I was amazed by the taste of the Indian vegetarian dishes and the number of vegetarian dishes that they got to offer. It tasted better than chicken or any other non vegetarian dish. No wonder that we can see many vegetarian Indians. If we also have that many menus and if the food tasted that good many of us would not mind being vegetarian. I have cancelled my initial thought to changing the hotel for one that is serving non vegetarian dish. That day was my first encounter being vegetarian and tried different menus in the subsequent meals; I thought I felt better not eating another living being.

I m trying hard to not to eat meat but always with ema datsi and jaju and kakuru is tickling my resilience. I think I may have to allow myself white meat like fish and chicken. Isn’t meat of chicken white? Lol.