Friday, 22 August 2014

Top Down Influence More Effective Than Bottom UP....

Dorji could not forget the story that was narrated to him by his teacher when he was in class eight – ‘………. Soothsayer told the king that there will be a rainfall that night and that rainfall contains a curse, and the curse was that, whoever drinks that rain water would go crazy. The king stocked lots of water before the rainfall to save himself from going insane. The rain fell and all the people who drank water after that were gone crazy. The people insulted the king finding him different from the rest of them and accused that the king was crazy. The king tried to explain himself to the public but it fell on the deaf ear. The king asked for a cup of water and drank it, thus he too became like them – insane…’

Dorji was a bright student he completed his studies from a renowned institute abroad. He was very honest and straight forward budding young man. Before joining the civil services he was filled with enthusiasm, to serve the people, nation and the King that he loved. He believes in punctuality, productivity and no tolerance to corrupt practices. That was what he learned and imbibed in him during his learning days within the country and without.

He joined the civil service after passing the RCSC examination with very high marks. When he first went to office he noticed that his colleagues were not enthusiastic as him. He could understand that because doing the same works repeatedly would make it monotonous. He tried to encourage them and to make them lively at work and do well for the nation. That did not help much. Besides not being productive he noticed that people were into corrupt practices and he pointed it out to several of them, making more enemies than friends. But he did not mind about not having friends and carried on with his works just as he dreamt of doing it, a long time back. Due to his un-adjustability for being too honest, he was ostracized and no one consulted or spoke with him.

It was not even one year and he was transferred to another place. He did not mind the transfer for he did not have the family and he was positive about the transfer because he did not like that office and the people anyway.

When he reported in the new office, he was smart enough to notice that the people there were apprehensive about him. He wished he was wrong. Here too the attitudes of the workers were same. The boss himself was seen coming late in the office and leaving early, therefore the subordinates followed suit. The few chances that were available to go for training abroad were not given on merit basis. Dorji once told the boss about having competitive test within the organization for such opportunity; he was scorned forever after that advice. Dorji’s perseverance started to diminish. He was beginning to have a feeling that it would be better to change himself than to change others – “In Rome do as Roman does”.

Due to his zest for fighting corruption and unwarranted enthusiasm, he was posted in one of the remotest place. After reaching there he too became like the others, but with a little difference, he did not resort to corrupt practices for the personal gain, but he switched off and did not bother what others were doing and he just did what he was supposed to do and nothing more.

A fresh graduate called Tashi was posted to his office as his assistant. He was full of enthusiasm and very initiative, it brought tears in his eyes when Tashi asked him “Sir, why are u so dead? sir. Sir, let’s do this, let’s do that, and so on..” Dorji was not able to hear what he was saying because he was in deep thoughts seeing young him in Tashi, and he did not want to kill his enthusiasm and initiative. He said, “Gentleman, you can carry on, I will not be like my earlier bosses to you.” And he narrated the story that was told to him by his teacher when he was in class eight.