Monday, 11 August 2014

Toilet and Lack of It.

Sangay had to go and order a cup of coffee from the restaurant that preferably had a toilet, not that he really thirsts for coffee but because he felt the pressure so intense that he could not control, his bladder was full till the brim and he had to do it and do it urgently. Right after ordering a cup of coffee he rushed to the toilet and relieved himself.

As he waited and sipped his coffee, he saw many people doing the same trick like him. Some try to go to the toilet without ordering anything from the restaurant such persons were warned by saying that the toilet is not a public toilet.

There is real lack of public toilet in the cities in Bhutan. This leads to the marking of territories like wild animals in every nook and corner. One can see the marks of the urine and smell the stench of ammonia, from the place which is normally dark and has protection from view from at least two directions. You will even be amazed to see a yellow lump of poo sometimes in the middle of the area made wet by the urine, it must have been unloaded there at night but one never know if the pressure is too much and when there is no place to go the stench of the urine attracts you there to do the needful, be it at night or day.

In the developed countries there are toilets everywhere. One need not have a bowel discipline there. That must be the reason here and as well as in India that the toilet discipline is considered very important unless you have a loose motion. How can a cop or any concerned citizen check a person who is doing, the thing that is supposed to be done in toilet, in the open, when there is no proper place to do it? Or should we give him the idea of a cup of coffee?

portable event toilet used in developed countries when there is likelihood of huge public gatherings.
When I plan to go to the market I make sure to drink very less, so that I do not have to go in search of toilet. And I think many people must be doing the same too. This may be the reason why there is increase in numbers of kidney patient in the hospital. The lack of toilet facilities maybe related to the increase in numbers of kidney patients. We have children’s park but no toilet. We have open stadium but no toilet. We have shopping malls but no toilet. And those few shopping malls who have toilet may keep it locked because of not having toilet in other places the toilet there may turn into a free public toilet.

before it is too late and people start doing this.
Due to the concrete-nization of the jungles, people who normally are comfortable defecating behind the bush are not having bushes left, so it’s time to accommodate them and make proper place for them and to tell them that how unhealthy the century old habits are in the present day when we lack the natural cleaners like pigs and dogs in the cities. Stray dogs of the cities have, by the way  upgraded their preference in food, they no longer eat excrement of humans therefore, all the more reason to have more toilet and less stray dogs.  

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