Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Plug and Socket Joints

It used to be amazing during the days of walkman and cassette players, before MP3, CD, IPOD took over, that a cassette from one country can fit any players from any other country. I used to think that there must have been a good communication between the producers of the cassette players and the cassettes that they agreed to make a uniform size for all the countries.

It is a different story for other appliances like the chargers of the mobile phones and cameras. If one charger could fit any types of cell phones, there won’t be mess near the wall sockets and if one forgets to take a charger on tour, one can use any other charger. thanks god that the sim can fit any type of phone ignoring the phones that uses micro sim. I have seen people cut the normal sim and insert in the micro sim slot, making it work just fine.

It happened to me repeatedly yet I tend to forget that if the electrical appliances are brought from any country other than India, it won’t fit in the wall socket, forcing me to do alterations on the electricity supply cord or to buy a converter - multi socket adepter.

Traveler's Adepter (from google)

Japanese electrical appliances which is not meant for export - if you try to plug it in here it will blow off, I think Japanese uses voltage lower than 240V. 
Bhutan/India wall socket

Indian/Bhutan’s sockets are big; the three holes are arranged in triangular form. It looks like it can accommodate any plug but don’t let that fool you, it fits nothing other than Indian made appliance and sometimes not even that but it sure can fit the fingers of your little ones. If it is not covered with tape when not in use it is quite dangerous but now-a-days if you pay a little extra you can get a socket with a inbuilt cover.
power strip (Even Aussie Appliances can be inserted by giving a little twist to the plug)

If you are buying an electrical appliances form abroad, do not forget about the plug and socket joints and buy a travel plug adapter. It is difficult to get here in Bhutan, the power strip works just fine but it may be too bulky and costly for only one appliance.

I m reminded to write about this because a micro wave oven which I bought from Bangkok lies idle for a week as I am not able to plug it in, in the socket.