Friday, 15 August 2014

Territorial Boundaries

A group of dogs came charging towards me, I stood still to defend myself facing the oncoming dogs but they bypassed me and chased another group of dogs that always follow me while I go for a jogging in the morning. They were stray dogs, having their own boundaries. The dogs from my colony followed me and crossed the boundary perhaps thinking that I will able to protect them, but the truth is that they are better equipped than me with their long canine teeth. As the trespassers scooted to their own territory, I broke into a walk and thought…..

All animals including us the humans are programmed to demarcate the territory and draw boundaries. This might be the root cause of all the contentions that exist between countries and within countries between states. What will happen if we remove all the demarcation? Or is it possible to not to have territorial boundaries?

In schools, where the children share a long desk, sometimes we can see a boundary drawn on the desk with pen or pencil and when the issue of shifting boundaries arises often, the boundary maybe seen carved permanently on the wood with their compass. The bigger students and the bullies would have a bigger desk space and not equally divided.

In villages too we can see that the people having boundaries, even if the land is not cultivated the owner of that land would prefer to keep it like that than to let neighbour having lesser land to cultivate on it. We are not barking and chasing like a dog but we are not doing anything better than them either.

I was imaging that all the countries join together and all the continents of the world come together to form a one big country. The country, ruled by one leader and all the people of the world a citizen of one country. There were no visa hassles, there were no import or export, there were no problem of foreign currency exchange, and there were no wars relating to territorial disputes. But then such things will happen in imagination only, because many jobs would be at stake, that too the jobs of the leaders and the effluent people.      

Another barking dog jolts me out of my imagination.

Dogs can’t negotiate for they cannot talk.  But we are human and we can talk and negotiate. Then why is there wars and crisis everywhere? Is it the natural way of culling human population? Aren’t there any agreeable solutions? Can’t we share the pie equally?

I know the dogs of my colonies might have faced the chasing gang and put up a fight, after reaching their own territory. I also know that none of them will be seriously injured or killed, but they would have a good fight and the losing gang may lose a little bit of territory and never try to venture into others territory again.

And I was right none of them were injured or killed, maybe because they were not in possession of weapons like: guns, mortars, bombs and nuclear weapons. All of them came towards me as if to tell me that they have won the fight on the ground of their own choosing but never to cross the boundary again (without proper visa :-) ).