Friday, 1 August 2014

Taking For Granted

It is only when we are not close enough that we try to be more formal. The moment we are close we take them for granted be it friends or relatives. It is always the good people that is taken for granted, be it good boss or good subordinate, good friend, good neighbour, etc.

When we look back, we realize that how much we have taken our parents for granted. Knowing too well that they won’t mind it, and they never used to mind it. Their advices are half listened to, only those that are relevant to what we are thinking are taken into consideration and the rest are just ignored. It is only when we have them no more or when they are not near us and in retrospect that we come to the realization of ‘only if I followed their advice…..’, by then it is too late. Be it in studying, choosing a profession or a life partner, we must have sought their advice just like that and not with the intention to change the youngster’s stubbornness and that’s caused all the mess that some of us are in. Wish for not taking them for granted is felt a bit too late.

Many of us have friends, which we take for granted. We visit such friends without warning. We borrow from such friends and never bother to pay back. We tend to have a false sense of feeling that our friend is incapable of feeling bad at us. And the feeling is mutual.

After marriage our spouse takes that place and some of us take for granted that the spouse will remain forever beside our side. The initial care and hesitation remains for few years only after that we tend to take for granted just as we were used to taking our parents for granted. But what we should be keeping in mind is that our spouse is not our parents and the limits for taking them for granted should not be stretched. When one cross that limit the inevitable thing happens – the divorce. Ask an acquaintance who got separated and the reason would be either; “Oh, we were not clicking there is no reasons as such but we just got separated on mutual understanding”  or “Oh, he/she was having an affair, so….” In both the cases the reason is that, the relation being taken for granted.

It is the human nature of taking things for granted which is responsible for the degradation of the environment and the global warming too. The earlier we realize that, the better it would be our future generations.