Monday, 4 August 2014

Purpose of My ummmm...Our Life?

In between my sleep and wakefulness, during the time of REM (Random Eye Movement) as some might say, I had this thought, what is the purpose of my life or for that matter the purpose of life of the mankind.

As a child we are not much aware of the things and the sole purpose was to stay near to the parents and earn their abundant love, to grow big like them and do some fruitful work.

We go to school, as a student the main aim would be to pass the exam and learn. As we look back how much of the things that we have learned in school we put in practice in real life? Doesn’t that warrant relook into the syllabi that are being taught in the schools?

Some of us become doctors. The purpose of the doctors would be to treat as many patients as possible. But sadly, the monetary incentives overshadow the purpose of being a doctor. People thank them profusely if it is in the government hospital for doing their duty and is it is in private hospital people thank them for treating their illness and pay them as well.

Some of us become engineers. The purpose of engineers is to make good infrastructures like: road, buildings, bridges, etc. But minting money overshadows the main purpose of being an engineer.

Some of us become teachers. Teachers have little scope to mint money; their main purpose is to teach, and to teach one should have a great amount of knowledge. As His Majesty said in one of the gatherings of teachers, ‘You cannot give what you don’t have’. It is in the schools that the future citizens maybe imbibed with the values. It is disheartening to hear from the parents, teachers and the elders that it would be better to join so and so services because there is more profit/income (khepsang). Happiness is, to be in a job that one likes doing it.  But then the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

I think the purpose of our life would be to become a good human beings and not necessarily a rich human beings, in the end I guess it is the happiness that count the most in our life and it is just the illusion accepted by all that money is the one that brings happiness.  

I asked myself, is it that the sole purpose of our life, is to make money? Isn’t this purpose of our life becoming viral? After earning how much money, we would say “enough”? And after earning enough money, then what? Is there something known as enough in today’s materialistic world?

Then what is the purpose of my life? I have no answer for it. I guess being in the profession that I m, I think my purpose is to follow orders  and survive each day as if it is my last and of course leaving something for my kids.