Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Son The ‘Trilku’

My Son The ‘Trilku

He coveres his private parts as I bent down to take his picture. It amazed me because he is not even one year old, thinking that it must be a coincidence I bend down again to take his picture but again he covered his private parts cupping his cute little hands over it and curling his lips as if to say, “Dad you should not be snapping picture of a naked boy!”. My wife who was watching all this was little surprised because she knew that this little boy is a different boy from the time he was conceived and during the pregnancy period until his birth.

She told me that when she was carrying him in her in her womb. The fetus used to kick her from inside whenever she did something bad or when she was in a place that was not clean. She must have told me before also but I do not believe in such things so it must have skipped my mind.

The child was born with placenta covering his whole body so said the midwife that time, other than that there were no complications at all, it was a easy delivery, normal birth without much pain.

Should we tell others about the child to others? Should we keep it to ourselves? Is the child a trilku (reincarnation of a great lama)? If so then he will be taken away from us just like that, if we go on and tell about the special child ourselves, then the people may think that we are after the wealth and the goody goody things that come along with recognition of the trilku.

Who would not like to be enjoying the wealth of the previous life? I was imagining myself as being referred to as a “Yap” and traveling in a posh Prado which took little money of mine to buy it. Religious people are queued up along the roads to get blessing from my son and offer whatever little they have to the entourage. And I, the proud father wondering how it happened, and thinking whether it is okay for me to take their contributions just like that. Oh yes I m not forcing them to pay respect to me or my son they are there on their own will. So what?

Besides there were many cases of parents who want to proclaim that their child is a trilku for these reasons, I guess. There are abundant trilkus these days; some are fake some are real but never the less, getting the same treatment for they are abundant. But my son is different as he is recognized officially. So why not bask in the limelight of my son’s previous life’s good deeds that has produced all these easy wealth and followers, or are the people ignorant?

With all those questions I woke up from the sleep. All my predicaments were gone as I opened my eye lids and saw that it was bright outside signaling that it will be a sunny day today. When I opened the windows a fresh wind gushed inside making me feel fresh and forget the pleasant nightmare. Before I forget completely I thought of just sharing it here. Just like that.