Thursday, 28 August 2014

Lessons From PJ – Poor Joke

‘A man slips and falls by stepping on a banana peel that was left on the stairs of his doorway. He was luckily unhurt. The next day he saw the banana peel again. He thought that who it might be that wants to make him fall. He cursed, and stepped on it and fell down again.’ Hahahahhahahahahahaha (Funny if the man were you or me there are many options so as to not to fall. Isn’t it?)
Isn’t the man stupid? He could have:
A) Picked up the banana peel and moved on or
B) Avoided stepping on it.

Many a times in our life too we come across banana peels but how many of us avoid falling?

A footballer fractured his femur playing football. After recovery he plays the game again and fractured a metatarsal bone. He was not a professional football player but he was playing the game just for the love of it. Couldn’t he/we see the relevance of banana peel story there?

A girl who fell in love was jilted by her lover. She was heartbroken and told herself never to love a man again. Yet she falls for a man again, giving excuse that it is the heart that is responsible for the feeling and heart considers no logic.

There is a man I have come across and he gambles every year after a successful business and loses all his profits made from the business there. He reasons that was doing that to recover what he had lost but until now he had been losing. The story is not as funny as the man slipping on a banana peel but it is no different than that.   

A drunkard who suffers a bad headache in the morning still resort to drinking again. But here the addiction is also involved but the options A and B that is given in the story of man falling from a banana peel can be adopted here and in all the examples narrated above.

It is imperative that next time one come across a situation of imminent repetitive dangers that was experienced by yourself or seen experienced by others and when you have sort of a déjà vu think of a PJ a man slipping on a banana peel.