Friday, 8 August 2014

Choose Your poison. Ladies and Gentleman

Woken up with a bad headache and a stale stench of previous night’s drinking, the hangover is very bad. At that moment it is promised that the poisonous concoction commonly known as alcohol will never be consumed here after. The pretzel taken with the concoction is normally laced with chili. If it is a 'shakam eazey' packed in plastic bottle resembling a pickle bottle with a crude label than a very uncomfortable morning in the cubicle is guaranteed.

But the gift of forgetting things is a blessing in disguise. The hangover fades away as the day slip by along with the sun. The hard working internal organ - liver and the kidney does a great job and one is super fine at the right time and thinks of the concoction again and breaking the promise.

There are hundred and one reasons invented to have the liquid poison that comes in all colours: green, red, light red, white like water and in the colour of urine of dehydrated man that too cannot stop the thirsty man from trying it again. I m too sad why not have it? I m too happy why not have it? I broke up with her why not have it? I rejoined with her why not have it? I got fired why not have it? I lost the match why not have it? I won the match why not have it? For every occasion, both in happiness and sadness the drinks can be had.

It used to be more of men that used to indulge in that, now girls are learning fast and catching up because there is another concoction lighter (lighter?) for the girls like: spy, wines white and red, and cocktails that the sellers concoct together with a story of looking classy with a glass of drinks in parties. Slowly the lighter seems to be too light and they switch over to the harder ones.

The story of hangover and promise of not to drink again and breaking that promise is repeated time and again until a warning is given by the tired and disgusted organs who is working hard to cleanse the toxins. The warnings are given in the form of high blood pressure, swelling of body, darkening of skin, uncontrollable shaking of limbs and the last warning may be liver cirrhosis.

I still wonder who was that great man that invented this general purpose stuff? Good for nothing but liked by almost all.