Tuesday, 22 July 2014

When the sky made noise, I bore the brunt.

When the sky made noise, I bore the brunt.

When I just thought that I would be blogging mercilessly, the means for blogging gets cooked by the God.

There was a bright light that pierced the eyelids and it woke me from my sleep. I was wondering what that light must be? It definitely came from outside for I was sleeping turning my head towards the window. As if to give me a double shock, there was a loud noise that almost shook the house and the glass of the windows clattered but fortunately it withstood breaking. I knew that the lightning must have hit somewhere nearby, I felt like it hit my house. I could not go to inspect because the electricity went along with the thunder and lightning as it always used to be at this part of the world. I was in half sleep or was it in dreams?

The next day the TV was working fine. Thank god! I was the last one in the family to leave the drawing room - that is where we keep our TV.  I have a habit of plugging out the electronics from the socket every time when not in use especially in this time of the year. No one switched on the desk top that day in the morning for all were busy dressing and getting ready to go to school. I was the one to switch on the computer during the lunch break, but it was not booting. When I tried to switch on the modem the green light which usually lights was not coming on. I changed the adapter, still no green light. Then I realized that it was not in my dream that the lightning and the thundering happened. That happened for real and here is the proof, it fried my modem and the computer. I immediately bought the modem from the Bhutan telecom (regarding its price and the MRP it deserves a separate blog). Well, I don’t have desktop so let me adjust it here only.

fried circuit board

The cost of the modem is NU. 1650. I did not mind paying it as long as it is readily available. Here, the sellers are more important than the buyers, for they make the things available. I have seen shops erasing – I mean – covering the MRP (max retail price) with the black marker. But if you rub it slowly after sometime the MRP can be seen. This trick must have been known by the telecom people. Because the MRP of the modem was nicely cut with a blade in a regular rectangular shape and the inner brown part of the carton case can be seen. It did not strike me to see the how much margin they made out of selling the modem because I got official revenue for it, indicating that it must have been done from higher up. I regretted for the rash decision to buy it instantly. If I have waited in the nearest border town of India the cost is always less than that of the MRP. By the fact that the MRP is tampered with I knew that I must have paid double than its real cost price otherwise a small margin over and above the MRP is acceptable.

I tried all the means and tricks to make my computer boot, I have wasted 2 days now, so I will be taking it to the experts to reinstall the OS. And yes, I better go to the neighboring town in India due to the obvious reason.

Unplug your electronic equipments from the sockets when you are not using it! I heard there were so many TVs, modem and chargers destroyed by the lightning that fateful night. I will know how many because we will bump into each other in the electronic repair shop.