Thursday, 17 July 2014

The million Dollar Karey

The million dollar karey

During the FIFA world cup final the German scored the lone goal to win the cup. I do not know the name of the players for I do not watch much football except for the world cup. Even the world cup matches I have missed because of the spherical nature of the earth and due to continental drift some land mass has gone so far that there is time difference of almost 10 to 12 hours. The matches which are played on the convenient time at the venue is not so convenient for us here in the other side of the globe.

I did not see that lone goal – live. However, the next day I saw it repeatedly. I can almost empathize with the scorer of that goal leading to the winning of the cup. I had the same feeling when I hit a karey when we had an archery match with the Dechenling Geog team. The difference here is that the kareys are aplenty but gaols are rare except for one match where Brazil conceded 7 goals from Germany in the semi finals. That’s why goals in football are as important as any other goals, but 7th goal of that match would not have been that important.

During that archery match we were playing for a game of 21. Whoever reaches the 21 point first wins the game. Equal numbers of hit on the target (karey) will nullify each other and will fetch no points; any extra karey will fetch 2 points for the team hitting the extra karey.

We played the whole day. Even after hitting many kareys both the teams were not able to get the points more than 4 in one round. Our team was doing better that time, point by point we reached 20 points, upon reaching 20 points it was also about to become dark. It was time to stop the game for that day. The team captains discussed that we will have only one round and stop the game for that day and continue the day after. All our players were trying very hard to finish the game of 21 that day only, and trying their best. But our effort was matched by that of our opponent by hitting equal  numbers of kareys.

Incidentally, that day I was made to stay as the last player known as ‘maa’. The tension was very high. The players were cheering and jeering to distract the opponent to make him lose the concentration. One hit and we would be finishing the game. One extra hit or a equal numbers from the opponent team and the game will be dragged for the next day.

There were equal numbers of kareys on the target. As the turn for the ‘maa’ came to shoot, it had almost become dark and we could barely see the target. My opponent shot the first arrow and it missed the target by a millimeter. I took the position to shoot my first arrow but the noise of the opponent to distract me was deafening. There was pandemonium on the range. I tried to concentrate and took aim on the target which is now looking like a faint white scarf appearing and disappearing in the dark. I released the arrow. It missed the target by about 3 meters it almost hit the flag poles. The opponent team had a hearty laugh, thinking that their jeering and distraction did the trick on me. My opponent shot the second arrow. It miss the target by touching it, this makes the team mates more sad than the arrow missing by greater margin and they were definitely sad, as the only chance to render my hitting or not hitting the target, with my second arrow  useless, was just missed by a hairline. 

My turn to shoot the second arrow came. It was the last arrow of mine as well as for that day. If I could hit we will be winning. There was so much pressure on me to hit. Luckily for me the opponent team was not making that much noise for they thought that I will not hit karey that evening judging from how I shot the first arrow. My team mates were showing me where my first arrow went and were requesting me to hit the target. I took aim and fired. I felt quite light and comfortable. Despite not being able to see the target properly, I knew that it went straight. “TOK!!!” a sound of hitting karey came after some time from the other end . Wahawaha waha hahaahhahaa……. The celebration cry for the karey came from my team mates and I knew that I have hit the - “million dollar karey”. I know how it feels to score in the last minute of the match . (I had same feelings with one of the hockey goals too, which will be narrated later)

It was nice feeling to see the opponent team members were also coming to congratulate me for that crucial karey. That time I had a feeling like that of German player who scored a million dollar goal.