Saturday, 26 July 2014

Salary; it does not include children allowance, family allowance, relative allowance but the house rent allowance

Why the Salary is not enough?

There are lots of discussion and disgruntlement expressed, regarding the recent pay revision. The economists would have a best answer whether it is okay or not. They must have calculated and advised bearing in mind the inflation, fiscal deficit, cash reserve, import and export, etc. All those reasons won’t be good enough to convince the recipients because that just confuses them more.

The pay will never be enough in Bhutan, due to the fact that we have a strong social fabric intertwined with the monetary benefits. The earning members of the family not only have to look after his own family he is expected to look after his relatives also. That is what makes us special to be Bhutanese. One of the pillars of GNH – preservation and promotion of culture -Isn’t it in our culture to look after the ageing parents, and if one can, the aging uncles and aunts?  The same reason attributes to not having old age homes here in Bhutan. You cross 18 years of age but you are still ‘chey chey’ to the elder family members. The bonding/bondage increases when you get married. 

so many mouths to feed

The government pays salary for the single person who is working in the civil service. And for single him/her, the payment is more than enough. But he/she must be having many mouths to feed. Then what? Then it boils down to the personal management of the limited fund. Which is seldom taught, but you are expected to learn the harder way. Some take the hardest way that by the time they realize they are already immersed in deep physical depths (fiscal debts), that they wait for such revision to rescue them.

Economics taught us that human wants are unlimited. Rich man is the one who is satisfied and says, “That is enough for me, now I need no more”. But it is hard to find such man. No one has enough, I had a chance to talk with a richest man in Bhutan and he was also telling me that he is having financial problems, despite having Rolex watch, designer’s cloths, fleets of car and branches of his business empire throughout Bhutan. Human wants are indeed unlimited. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”.

The inflation in the market compounded by the inflation in the numbers of family members may burn some holes in the pockets but we can adapt to that. Let’s think about the economic well-being of the country first. Should something go wrong despite that we have done our part, in electing a most capable amongst the capable to lead the HORSE in the right direction.