Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Reading Habits Overtaken by Technology

It is said that reading makes you enter the mind of other people and enriches your own. I read a lot too but of late TV, mobile phones and other electronic entertainment system which appeals more senses than just eyes are taking over the time that maybe used for reading.

The cell phones provide games and texting facilities to chat, but this sms spelling murdering the spellings of the English. U ll b amazd dat u cn undrstd da language. I don’t  feel lik writg in sms speling, but da lettr counts makes us do so. It taks lotsa effort 4 me 2 write in this spelling.

I m discouraging my kids 4rm writg in sms spelling. But once I saw my daughter texting and she was using all the jargon used in sms. I told her not to follow that, let it cross the letter counts but to write the correct spellings. I just hop dat she must b following my advice. Good becoming gud, fine becoming f9, you just u, love is luv, etc. such usage if not guided, the students ll think dat its ok 2 write like dis n further spoil their already poor spellings.

When we were kids, we had lots of time to play and befriend with so many. Now our kids get connected via wechat, fb chat, and sms, play online games on computer or mobile phones. This generation is the indoor kind. The generations before them have lots of scars on the limbs especially on the knees. Each scar has a story and perhaps associated to their friends in childhood days.

Given a choice the older generation can go without internet connection and the mobile network. But today’s generations won’t be able to live without it, I guess. So in the future the imprisonment or isolation would mean taking away the cell phones and severing all network connections.

family close yet far.
The mobile network is a boon to connect with the people from far and bane to disconnect people who are nearby. We tend to take for granted with the people who are near physically and close at heart………. To be continued (regarding taking people for granted).