Sunday, 27 July 2014

Pob's journey

The Journey of PoB

Why was he named Pob? I wondered. Pob, as if knowing what I was thinking said, “Are you wondering, why I am having an unusual name for a Bhutanese?” I was taken aback and regretted for under-estimating him with his rustic exterior looks. I could not help but nod in awe for his smartness in knowing what I was thinking. “I will tell you the meaning of, rather the full form of my name, after a short story of my life.” Nod, nod and nod again, for I was not fully recovered from astonishment.  

Pob began his story thus…
I was old enough, so thought my previous guardian and gave me the liberty to choose my own path. I really wanted to stick with my previous guardian only, but there was no option for I had to leave the comfort of my guardian, sooner or later. However, my previous guardian promised to guide my way. So I began choosing my new guardian, that time I had only two options so I chose to be led by a bird but not any ordinary bird; it is called ‘thrung thrung’ in the native language and it is commonly known as black necked crane and it is said to be at the brink of extinction.

The bird brought so many changes in my life; some are good some are not so good. The bird had brought in so many changes some popular and some not so popular, like those of people who harmed their lungs knowingly with smoke and national walk weekly cause inconvenience to many. When it soared high up in the sky, it must have got a broader view of the situations but I had a different view from the ground, so we parted our ways, anyway the bird was getting old and sometimes too bold, that it forgot I choose him and not the other way round.

So I tried my luck with the horse. I would have chosen the horse before, but it was young and very fond of galloping that time and I used to feel dizzy riding a galloping horse. This time the horse promise to walk and promised to be a good servant, that was too good an invitation and I chose him. Only after a few days I have realized that by just walking we are not reaching anywhere. And I asked for it to trot. But as you must be knowing riding a trotting horse hurts more than a galloping horse.

It likes the green pastures of the plains and does not like to cross the high mountains passes. And when it goes to graze it can uproot the shortest of the grass, fine animal to rear when the pastures are not good as you must be knowing.

I am planning to switch to galloping and if I feel dizzy, well, I may have to change it or stay put in some meadow and enjoy the peach bloom. Yeah, I got the option to watch peach bloom too, for two of my past guardian had brought me some great distance and taught me so many valuable lessons, I may prefer to take some rest and just watch the peach bloom led by gentler and a pretty lady.

Before that I got to check on other options too. No, not a bird again, that too mythical, I had enough with the birds. If I ever wish to choose a bird I may as well take my older buddy as we now know each other pretty well.

Other option is “Norbu”. I asked around whether anyone had seen the norbu. No one had seen it as shown in their picture. But norbu can mean anything a gold, diamond, cow, money, anything that is precious and even land is considered norbu by some. So I came to the understanding that norbu is not tangible thing as it is shown in the picture but it is just a term that can be referred to anything precious. Many believe norbus are best left alone till the time you are in crises. So be it. I will knock at norbus door to be my guardian only when I m in crises, besides my norbu is arranged in what looks like plus sign, that we put on the first aid box or the hospitals; I can bank on it.

Until then I think I will just lay here and see the peach bloom to the glory and let my horse graze on the remnants of the pastures. In the mean time who knows I may be provided with other options so that I may not have to touch my norbu at all but as a last resort to save me. I hate the sight of plough and the bulls; I had enough of that before. Oh! Sorry that was not an option provided to me.  
I hope you are not bored with my story. Without wasting your time further let me tell you that my name stands for People Of Bhutan - Pob.