Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Futility of the effort

Futility of the effort
The light outside my house was switched on. I stepped outside for some work. That time I saw so many insects and moths swirling around the lights and that many on the ground dead. It is normal to see all these near the street lights and any other lights at night, insects like moth dying after trying to get near the bright light due to fatigue and heat and so much banging of their head on the glass cover of the lights.

That night what was special was that there was a swarm of wasp swirling around the lights, many of them lying on the ground dead due to fatigue and some still trying to move to fly and to go back to the source of the light.

I have always considered wasps intelligent insects. They can build great comb as their nest with geometric precision like that of an architect; I still wonder what material they use and what equipment they use to measure each cell of the comb to perfect hexagon. They can find their way back to their nest after collecting food. They are a real social insect. They seems to communicate while they were in the nest.

But that night they were doing the most stupid thing of all, like that of a moth – swirling around the light round and round and dying one by one. They were not learning from the comrades who were dead and lying still, and some injured ones still moving. There was no communication amongst them at all if they ever communicate. I thought of driving them away but I did not for I know how painful their stings are and they do not like to be disturbed, so I stayed there thinking….

I was co-relating their business to that of our own – the human life. We too are like a swamp of wasp. We go after a new car, a bigger buildings, best clothing, etc. All of us are busy swirling like a wasp to achieve our goal. (Are those goals tangible? Are those goals real?) We will say, ‘yes it is’. (For those wasps also the light outside that night is real and tangible.)  But in the end there is no use for it at all. We all die. And our efforts for achieving all those goals remain useless. It is exactly like the wasp swirling around the lights and dying, for some greater beings (if there is any) who are watching us. For those swarm of wasp I was the greater being that is watching and I know how futile their actions were. But for them they were fighting to achieve whatever they want to, that night, to the last wasp last breadth (last man last bullet).

I thought of interfering and saving the swarm without taking away their precious thing – the light. But there is no other way so I went inside and switched off the lights. In the dark I did not know where the remaining wasp must have gone? Perhaps they were alive or perhaps they must have died pursuing their futile goal somewhere, as there were couple of street lights nearby.

The nest morning there were hundreds of them all dead from the previous night’s effort I swept with a broom and threw them in the bin, all the while thinking about the relation of their effort and that of our own in achieving the goal.

Without the divine interference we would not know whether the goal that we are trying to achieve is just a street light of some greater beings.