Thursday, 31 July 2014

First Sermon of Lord Buddha and Me.

Today is holiday, the first sermon lord Buddha as marked in the calendar. Had I been in Paro or Thimphu or Bumthang I would have been busy going from one religious place to another to offer butter lamp and prayers, firstly for myself, to be candid, and to all the other sentient beings.  I would have been really busy the whole day prior to the holiday drawing plans and prioritizing which monastery to visit in sequence, to cut the distance by not retracing the path.

I remember once when I was in Thimphu, on the same holy –day, we planned to visit Dechephu in Thimphu.  When we reached there, there was a long queue stretching till the parking area. I had to put on a mask of serene look (internally ofcourse I was disgusted and I did not have the guts to just go back like some did) and wait for the queue to progress. It took almost half a day to reach the main temple. After that day, I sought permission spiritually, that I will visit the lhakhang only on non holy day either a day prior or a day later. But it seems that my thought must have been heard by others too, as a day prior and a day later also had a queue, but not that long.

There is not a single significant religious site here, so I restrict myself to offering an extra butter lamp on my altar. I do not light so many butter lamps because I had a bitter experience before; the choesham of mine became so dark with the soot of the continuous lighting of butter lamp that I had to repaint the choesham again. I hope the Gods will understand me and moreover they would not like to have a house blackened with soot.
Repainted choesham
There are of course, lhakhangs in each village but they are newly constructed and houses an altar only. Such lhakhang we also have in our campus and we are doing threma in that today. I have been called as a guest for the lunch. I take a case of beer as a gift whenever I m invited as a guest and now it has become like a routine that they take it for granted that one case of beer will be brought by me and they shop a case of beer less and invite me instead.

Until it is time for me to go for lunch, I m writing this else we forget.  

 And may all the sentient beings get peace and peace related things. May all sentient beings get themselves separated from the worries and things related to worries. May all sentient beings stay without worries and be peaceful always. …………….. may such peace last as long as possible..