Thursday, 3 July 2014

bike accident

The road runs parallel to the archery field. We were playing archery in the evening. Couple of players were on the other side of the field as they have finished shooting.

A bike with a pillion rider sped on the road towards Nganglam town. The riders were in their mid twenties, they were young. As I was drawing the bow to shoot the arrow I heard a metal crashing- sound on the other side of the archery field. I shot the arrow haywire. I knew that the bike must have met with an accident. And I was right. The driver of the bike was up and he was trying to stand the bike in upright position. The pillion rider was senseless. After getting the bike upright the driver was trying to knock some sense to the pillion rider - literally. He was holding him from the armpit and shaking him. To which I shouted to him to not to do that, because if there is some sort of fractures near the neck or back it may get worse due to his action. 

The pillion rider slowly came to his senses and was trying to stand up. The hand he was using to prong himself up was giving away, I think he has fractured his hand. Using his other hand he got up but he fell down instantly like a drunken man. I shouted again to not to stand up and to take some rest. I doubt whether he heard that. Because my friends were also passing instruction at the same time. The pillion rider on the second attempt he wobbled and got up. From the distance also it can be seen that he is using all his strength to balance himself like a drunk man pretending to be sober.

 In the mean time I was thinking of calling the ambulance or to tell one of my friends to take them to the hospital. By then the diver of the bike was already riding on the bike and trying to start it. Thankfully it had a self starter. Other wise it would have been impossible to start it because there were bloods oozing from both of his legs. It was cut so badly. The sole of the right foot was hanging like a slipper or it must have been the slipper smeared with blood. I chose to think that as a slipper smeared with blood. 

When we were in the process of mobilizing mode of transportation to take them to the hospital. The pillion rider has also mounted the bike. The engine of the bike fired up and they were driving towards where they came ie India (Indian Border is only 9 km from the site of accident). The pillion rider was using all his might to hold on to the injured driver. I think they may not reach far with that condition or maybe they will because they are young and strong and the adrenalin is suppressing all the pains. 

On reaching near to the accident site their slippers were seen left behind.

It made me think after they were no more in the accident site that, why they fled? Is it because they thought that they may be held up in police detention without treatment? Is it what they do in india? If that is the case then the Bhutanese travelers may have to be very careful. At-least in Bhutan the treatment is given first and inquiry later I guess. In case of them they have nothing to fear. They did not kill or injure anybody. They just met with the accident because they could not see the speed breaker on the road and they flew like a stunt biker – that’s what I was told by my friends who were near the accident site. 

I just prayed a silent prayer for them to reach safely from wherever they came from in India. They must have taken our commotion and shouting as threat rather than trying to provide them help. They sure must have reached safely because we did not get any report from the vehicles that were coming from the check post later.

That evening I could not hit much karey. That proved the fact that in archery one require a peace of mind and good concentration. Never mind about hitting kareys, I just wish for their quick recovery and to have some knowledge about the country that they were visiting, that treatment in Bhutan is free and Bhutanese sympathize the injured and will try to help. Won’t we?